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10 Grandparenting Tips For First Time Grandma Status

Right off the bat, I’m going to tell you to be fully prepared to be absolutely emotional and totally IN LOVE with ALL your grandbabies!! However, your first grandchild is always special. You find out QUICKLY just how emotionally invested you are as a (first time) grandparent. I remember so very well the uncontrolled tears […]

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How to Avoid Common Problems When Grandma Provides Childcare

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I very seldom post an entry from an unsolicited source, or from content that has already been posted elsewhere. However, I found this post enlightening on a growing grandparenting issue. More and more grandparents are raising their grandchildren these days. And what a GRAND job! I thought the post would […]

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grandparent first experiences grandparenting duties grandparenting tips

Going To Be Grandma Again!

      Yes! I’M GOING TO BE GRANDMA AGAIN! I had to type it out big and bold so I could see it really good. It’s just so hard to believe cause this grandma stuff is happening so, so fast…however, I love it!! 🙂 I have a grandson, and now God, I’d really like […]

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He Calls Me Amma! :)

    Awww, so cute. My grandson is talking away now. I sure wish I had $1 every time he has said “Dadda!” LOL  He’s always wanting Daddy. 🙂   However, he calls me Amma now. Isn’t that sweet??!! I love it. =)     You know what he does now? lol   When he’s at […]

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