How Senior Citizens Can Network Better

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For some people, becoming a senior means getting closer to retirement. For many, it’s a time to travel, garden, or spend time with grandchildren.




For others, it’s an opportunity to explore and grow, volunteer, become financially secure, or even start a business or a nonprofit in Illinois.


Connecting With People Online

The internet is a magnificent place when it comes to marketing, considering over four billion people use the web.

It provides plenty of ways to connect with others. Setting up a LinkedIn Page,

for instance, can help you highlight your attributes and skills while connecting with others who have similar work experience.

While LinkedIn is a social media platform strictly for professionals, social media sites such as Facebook can be beneficial for discovering your community and making new connections.

Search Job Boards

Job boards are a good way to find new opportunities. As you’re searching, make sure you read application instructions carefully. Sometimes employers will cut down on the number of eligible applicants by adding unusual requirements. For example, they may tell applications to write “honey and mango stew” or another unrelated string of words to ensure people read the entire listing.

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Connect with Talent on the Web

The web is full of talented and reliable professionals, whether they be freelancers or companies. Regardless of your needs, a proper and thorough search will lead you to the talent you need.

For example, web design is a key part of business. Because your website will help you network and build your business, it needs to look professional. An experienced web designer can build the website of your dreams, but it’s important to take time to research costs, risks, and other details before you begin contacting prospective designers.

To help you in your search, post on job boards. Make sure to be thorough when posting your expectations and requirements. how much do web designers make?

According to Upwork, you can expect to hire one at a maximum of $30 per hour.

Search for Networking Events

Ask people you know about networking events in Illinois. Look to any social circles you’re a part of, such as friends from the senior center, or any hobby groups you participate in.

Perform an online search for local events in Illinois. For example, the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce hosts a variety of networking and business-themed events.

Cold Calling Still Works

Cold calling isn’t dead. You can still find opportunities by reaching out to prospective clients or organizations. Traditionally, cold calling was completed over the phone, but today, you can accomplish the same goal by emailing potential hits.

How to Develop Long-Lasting Connections

Although you can find websites and local opportunities to help you connect, the goal is to create meaningful, long-term relationships.
Don’t start making connections with people based solely on business. When you begin networking, start conversations with people about life and the real world. Form a bond with them before you start talking shop.
Although new connections help you expand, make sure you find a way to remain in contact with all your connections. For example, you could add them to your social media page or contact them via email.

Networking Made Easy, No Matter Your Age

Networking as a senior doesn’t have to be a challenge when you understand that the Internet is revolutionizing networking, but old practices are still reliable. Learn more tips about senior networking, at Grandma’s Home Blogger Place.

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Tammy Embrich -- Full time work from home, writer, blogger, YouTube content creator, and LOVES playing with makeup. She is the proud grandmother of 2 wonderful grand blessings. You can visit Tammy at <a href=""><strong>MakeUp Products Online </strong></a>.

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