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Faithbook: 3 Simple Ways to Scrapbook Your Christian Faith for your Spiritual Legacy

By: Donna Riner Weber – A grandmother and a strong woman of God! =) I Personally Loved Her Welcome Video On Her New WebSite! It was extraordinarily heart-felt! Nana, MeMa, Gigi, Granny, whatever your AKA, God has a divine mission for YOU! When the Israelites had been in the wilderness 40 years, God told Joshua […]

A Wake Up Call and Happy Thanksgiving

My heart is heavy this morning with all the anger and hatred going on (not only in Ferguson) but in other areas of the country. I’m not going to comment either way on my thoughts on the decision that was made on the death of Michael Brown. The most important thing is what’s going on […]

Weekly Bible Scriptures – More From Guideposts

              Good morning to you and happy Tuesday!  =)   I’m missing my mother today, well of course I miss her every day, however I’ve had her on my mind quite often this week.   Been reading in Guideposts again, I love that book 🙂   PG 114 … […]

Weekly Bible Scriptures – Bereavement

Hi there, A good friend of mine just lost her father to cancer. And to make this grief extra hard, she just lost her mother… (I want to say) approximately 6 or 7 months ago. 🙁 So needless to say, the family is in need of a lot of prayer! 😉 Looking up bereavement in […]

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