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Grandparents Raising Their Own Grandchildren – A Helpful and Healthy Resource Guide

Retire Guide

This goes out to all grandparents with grandparenting tips and duties in mind. <3



Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out with caring for and raising your own grandchildren, (full time), who fully depend on you for everything…meaning their parents are nowhere to be found? You’re certainly not alone.


There are an estimated and staggering 2.7 million retired grandmothers in the US who fully care for their grands.


That stress and overwhelm can play havoc on your health, lifestyle, and (not to mention), your finances…especially if your retirement was sudden and mandatory.


Most grandparents who take on (full time) caring for their grandchildren are having serious health issues, whether it be mental or physical. This can clearly cause a world of dispute for both the grandparents and the parents.


Retire Guide

Grandparents taking care and raising their grandkids should be a bonding, loving, and happy experience. However, health and aging matters sadly interfere.

I wanted to share with you today a helpful and free guide focusing on retirement, health, finances, illness, and the everyday, aging issues that arise with caring for those grand blessings. <3

This Free Guide can be found at –>>

Thank you so much Liam from for corresponding with us about this exquisite resource!

Thank you all for reading! <3


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