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Hand Sanitizers – One Dozen Homemade Recipes

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The news about the coronavirus is rapidly updating with a vast number of outbreaks. The fact that the amount of cases of COVID-19 has grown substantially, OVER 114,000 worldwide and has spread over 800 in the United States is alarming.

How scary for our children and grandchildren!! However, it’s been stated in the news that it is more threatening and invasive for the elderly…but, anyone can get it! 🙁

Well, I’m elderly! lol – I believe that 59 (in a few days) substantiates as being elderly, does it not? 😉

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Since there is a thriving number of shortages due to the spreading of this virus, I decided to write this article and also, (stock up on toilet paper). LOL!

The shortage of hand sanitizer is distressing, to say the least. And, since I don’t know the particular ingredients of sanitizer, I came up with this post idea.<br>

I hope ya’ll appreciate the list of websites for homemade hand sanitizer that I compiled.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

One Dozen Hand Sanitizer Recipes

If you know of an excellent homemade hand sanitizer recipe, you can comment below. I’d love to hear from you. <3

Thank you for reading! =)

Tammy <3

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