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Genuine Respect, Care and Prayer For Grandmothers

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YOU…Meaning anyone reading this who has a living Grandmother


I sincerely hope and pray YOUR grandmother is alive and well!! Most of all, I hope that she is properly cared for and safe from this cruel world.

For so many years, your grandmother loved you, took care of you, prayed for you AND worried about you! Isn’t that the way things go with grandmas? <3


care for grandmothers
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Most grandmothers have a plethora of knowledge and wisdom from her many years of living. And for that, much respect is highly saught after and well-deserved.


Having said all that, I have 10 questions for YOU…


NOTE: I do realize that your resources may be limited due to the pandemic wherever you may reside.



* Do YOU check on her often?


* Do YOU call her just to talk?


* Do YOU take her special lunches, snacks, sweets?


* Do YOU make sure she has plenty to eat?


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* Do YOU check to see if her heater and air are working properly?

* Do YOU take her out, to dinner, shopping, etc (if she is able)?

* Do YOU make sure her bills are all paid?

* Do YOU treat her with true kindness?

prayer for grandmothers
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* Do YOU tell her that you love her?

* Do you pray for your grandmother?


I just wanted to leave you with those thoughts for now.



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However, I wanted to share a special Resource for Grandparents with you.


I had stumbled upon it while doing some research for some special content such as this


YOU can even share it with your grandmother. 🙂


Virtual Grandparents’ Day of Prayer


FROM JANET THOMPSON SITE <3 ….. You can access that Here


Also see Janet’s – 2x “COVID” Survivor Story


You can view that Here






Please make sure you ALWAYS check on your grandparents and ALWAYS tell them that you love them!! <3 <3 You may not have tomorrow!






As always, thank you so much for reading! Much Love xoxoxo


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