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10 Grandparenting Tips For First Time Grandma Status

first time grandparents
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Right off the bat, I’m going to tell you to be fully prepared to be absolutely emotional and totally IN LOVE with ALL your grandbabies!!

However, your first grandchild is always special. You find out QUICKLY just how emotionally invested you are as a (first time) grandparent.

I remember so very well the uncontrolled tears I shed the first time I saw my grandson. Those tears (and the outburst) were quite, literally unexpected!! <3

My First Time Grandma Butterflies

I definitely had them!! Butterflies that is…For a very short time. When I held my grandson for the first time, (at the hospital), all my apprehension left me. It felt natural. I started looking forward to all the times my husband and I would have this precious little boy over-night, and all the grandbaby sitting in between.

An Extra Granny Bonus!

I ended up caring for him when Mommy went back to work. What a bonding, joyful experience that was. It was an emotional time for HER though. When she cried, of course Grandma cried along with her. She didn’t want to leave him! That first entire week was definitely heartfelt.

first time grandparents

My 10 Tips Below For All First Time Grandparents

Like I stated in the opening of this blog post…For #1…

1) Be fully prepared to have a very emotinal heart and be so, totally in love! There is no other feeling like it.

2) Be respectful of your children’s wishes when caring for your little blessings

3) Don’t be interfering grandparents. This one sort of goes along with being respectful of the kiddo’s wishes. Just don’t be like…”I would do this,” or “Don’t do this!” You could (offer) suggestions in a light, suggestive manner. Do offer those suggestions in moderation.

4) Get down on their level and simply play with them. This means on the floor or wherever your little one happens to be. Always spend all the quality time you possibly have time for.

5) Give plenty of kisses and consistently say those 3 words, “I Love You!” Enough said.

6) Share plenty of personal experiences and (your) stories with your grandchildren. Kids love a good, juicy story.

They also need to know YOU exclusively and know where you come from. Be prepared to NEVER let them forget you! Be ever-present in their lives…always!

7) Always try and keep your home as clean and sanitary as possible for those unexpected visits. Clean, Sanitize, Repeat!

8) Give of yourself much more than material things

9) Never take your grandkids for granted! Remember, your children (could) move away or take them away for no apparent reason.

10) Always try and not take things too seriously. If possible, handle things in a humorous way. Humor is important in everyone’s lives! It makes you laugh and also relieves stress.

I certainly hope these tips were helpful. Thank you so much for reading. If you can think of more tips to add, add them in a comment.

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