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Periwinkle’s Chair By: Judith Zeilenga – My Review

periwinkles chair
Periwinkle’s Chair

I love that I have another amazing opportunity to review a children’s book…grandchildren’s book! An ultimate joy. <3

Periwinkle’s Chair By: Judith Zeilenga

The book, along with its charming graphics is truly a gem for any child reading it…Or, any adult reading it! Spoiler alert or not!! =)




I personally think this book is the perfect experience to share and read with your grandchildren. Although, it is enjoyed by adults worldwide just as much as it is enjoyed by children.

When I received my copy (for doing this review), there was something I noticed right away. There was a small baggie in between a couple of the book’s pages. In that baggie was a little, white, wooden cut-out of a rocking chair with a short, purple ribbon and some sticky, flowered, decals.


After reading Periwinkle’s Chair (a third time), I smiled to myself and placed a few of those flowers on the wooden chair and placed the purple ribbon through the hole at the top, and folded it over. I was quite pleased with my little creation.


periwinkles chair

I’m going to display it in my office somewhere where I’ll see it every day so I’ll be reminded of this heart warming, true story.


I’m also going to read Periwinkle’s Chair to MY grandchildren. ❤️❤️

The Author of this treasure…Judith, is a retired high school teacher that sees her world through her grandchildren’s eyes. She matured into adulthood while living on a farm in Canada. Judith currently enjoys country living with her partner Keith.


periwinkles chair

This book’s photos/graphics is exquisite, and is attractively illustrated by Cheryl Cook.


The story and Periwinkle’s memories between its pages make the book such a beautiful example of a deep, powerful love between a granddaughter and grandfather. Although a sad story, the author is capable of grasping the reader’s attention and letting them discover that grief and healing is dealt with in many different ways and situations. In Periwinkle’s case, the writing of this book is so therapeutic that it heals her soul.

I’m not going to tell you the actual story; as Periwinkle wants you to read it yourself. <3

However, I will tell you this…


Periwinkle’s grandfather made something very special just for her before she was even born!


He also left behind some beautiful poetry. I love the poem that’s in the book, “Eternal Spring.” –
Neil John Zeilenga

periwinkles chair


After each time I read this delightful tale, I felt the story more and more deep within and it made my heart smile.



The book has been out in paperback since December 2020, and currently has a (5 star) rating. Although, Periwinkle’s Chair can be found worldwide on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle edition.


Note: If you purchase the book from Judith’s Website, you too can receive the decorative wooden chair, decals and ribbon…included in a kit.

Taken From Website…


Purchase the book and little chair kit combined on this site via PayPal in “SHOP”. Limited Edition. Book also available worldwide on Amazon



Video Trailer




Thank you so much for reading! <3


For Grandmothers & Grandchildren – Family Cookbook Project Review


There’s a certain kind of magic that transpires at dinner time around the family table. This is especially true when there are children or grandchildren trying to grasp your attention about what happened at school that day.

Or perhaps your oldest daughter needs the car to go to a friend’s house to work on a school project. Or, you need to discuss the recipes that are needed for an upcoming holiday event.

Let’s face it, meal time is the ideal time for families to talk amongst each other to simply stay connected. Or at least, it should be.

In today’s society, this is not the case with a lot of families. All too often, our children are scattered about going to soccer games, attending after-school events, dating, or just hanging out in their own rooms because they already had dinner.

What if I told you that there is a unique way to get the whole family together? Something fun and exciting for the whole family, including your grandkids!! Did I mention that this is holiday-friendly?

family cookbook project

So, a website owner,
William Rice
, contacted me about doing a review…Something I always enjoy doing for this Grandparents Blog. I enjoy discovering (new to me) websites, software, products, and innovative things that solve a problem, save time, or just something that can be thoroughly enjoyed and/or projects that can gather a family together

My Review For

This Family Cookbook website
is one that I’ve never known about nor experienced. So, I did my due diligence and did some Internet check-up. I was pleased with what I found
. <3

My findings revealed (basically) an award-winning website where you can craft and produce your very own Family Cookbook filled with Mom’s recipes, Grandma’s Recipes, or any recipe collections that you have. The cookbook can be constructed for your own use, as a gift, fundraiser, or for sale.

History | Contact Information | Web Awards and Recognition

Between the school friendship of William Rice and programming expert Chip Lowell, The Great Family Cookbook Project website was created and developed in 2003. At present, more than 42,000 organizations and groups have designed family cookbooks utilizing the site’s software platform. In addition, more than 1.2 million recipes have been recorded.

Website Awards

2016 – “Best Family Website” Via: Web Marketing Association’s MobileWebAward Competition

2011, 2013 – “Best Publishing Website”

2013, 2014, 2015 – “Best Recipe Publishing App” Via: Web Marketing Association

family cookbook project


William Rice

The Great Family Cookbook Project
PO Box 475
S Wellfleet, MA 02663

Useful Website For Fundraiser Cookbooks:

Top Features and Highlights

1 – The Family Cookbook Project helps clear unnecessary disarray by customizing all your treasured, handwritten or clipped recipes to one organized collection.

2 – The Family Cookbook secures your favorite and traditional recipes for the destiny of your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on.

3 – After the cookbook software is configured and personalized the way you want, it becomes a concise, mobile-friendly recipe repertoire you can utilize for various ingredients when doing your grocery shopping.

4 – The Cookbook Project is an excellent family project that grandmothers and grandchildren can create and experience together. This is also an ideal way to build sentimental memories.

5 – This cookbook software is a favorable way to share recipes and ingredients with family and friends.

6 – This innovative program is brilliant for teaching your kids and grandkids to cook and learn an array of ingredients.

7 – The Family Cookbook is perfect for a gift idea for holidays such as, Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, and others.

8 – This program is highly user-friendly and, has been stated to be much easier and convenient than other recipe websites.

Pricing and Other Applicable Information

family cookbook project

Format and Design Your Very Own Convenient, and (user-friendly)

Family Cookbook, online Now!

If and when your mother, grandmother, or great grandmother passes, don’t let all those recipes just fade. You can preserve them ALL! You do not have to be a computer expert. A quick, guided video will be there for assistance.

In Addition, Convenient Calculator To Help You With Your Cost

Brief How To and Steps

5 Process Steps

1. Create an Account
2. Invite Others to Contribute – Optional
3. Enter Your Recipes
4. Design Your Cookbook
5. Order Copies Needed


Taken From Website —

Site Type Software Versions:

1. Personal cookbook account FREE!
2. Premium Family Cookbook Membership with all the extras just $7.95 a month – or $29.95 a year – or $99.95 for life (for bigger savings).

Get More Pricing Info – And Answers To Your Questions….


Family Cookbook Project

SEE — What Our Cookbook Editors Say About Family Cookbook Project!


family cookbook project



Thank you so much for reading!! <3

Helping Your Child and Grandchild Through Difficult Times

By Richard Capriola

Adolescent substance abuse continues to invade too many of our children’s lives, leaving
parents, grandparents, and other family members confused and without a roadmap to guide them
in finding help for the child they love.

Today, more than 40 percent of seniors and one-third of tenth graders are vaping a substance like marijuana. Twenty percent of teens report abusing prescription drugs like Xanax, Ritalin and Adderall.

As the parent or grandparent of a child abusing alcohol or a drug like marijuana, feelings of helplessness, blame and even fear can drown out any sense of hope. But in the pages of The Addicted Child: A Parent’s Guide to Adolescent Substance Abuse parents and other family members including grandparents can receive the information that helps them through the difficult times of assessment, treatment and recovery.

Credit: Unsplash

During my tenure at Menninger Clinic in Houston Texas I assessed dozens of children who were using substances like alcohol and marijuana. When I sat down with their parents and grandparents to describe their child’s history of using substances, the most common response I heard from both parents and grandparents was, “I had no idea this was going on.” If you’re the parent or grandparent of children please become familiar with the warning signs of alcohol and drug use. These warning signs are listed in The Addicted Child.

Alcohol and drugs have the power to change children’s brains and influence behaviors many find objectionable. These substances work within the brain to minimize the negative consequences of their use and give children a pleasurable experience. Parents, grandparents and other family members can help by learning how drugs work within the brain to influence drug seeking behaviors.

Because the best treatment starts with a comprehensive assessment parents, often with the support and encouragement of grandparents must insist upon a variety of tests. These assessments go beyond looking only at a child’s history of using substances. Helping a child and their parents through the difficult time of substance use starts with a comprehensive assessment including a complete physical exam, psychological and neuropsychological assessments and a detailed addictions assessment.

It’s not unusual that a child will oppose these assessments but parents with the help and support of grandparents and other family members should insist they be completed.

Credit: Unsplash

When you look beyond children’s alcohol or drug use you may find their struggle to manage intolerable thoughts, feelings or memories is a core issue that drives their substance use and needs treatment. While not all children using alcohol or drugs have an underlying psychological issue like anxiety or depression, for those that do, treating the alcohol or drug problem without treating the mental health issue can be a treatment plan doomed to fail. Issues such as eating disorders and self-injury can accompany a child’s use of alcohol or drugs.

. The Addicted Child lists many warning signs for these disorders that parents and grandparents should be familiar with knowing. If a child has an eating disorder or is self-injuring and also using alcohol or drugs it’s important that both issues be assessed and treated.

Parents often need guidance and support when looking for treatment options. Grandparents can play a major role in supporting and helping parents navigate the complicated road of treatment There is no “one size fits all” treatment approach to helping children and their families through substance abuse treatment. All family members can become familiar with the different treatment programs and options available to help a child. They can also become familiar with the principles of effective adolescent treatment for substance abuse.

Very few things are more destructive to a family than having someone, especially a child, addicted to alcohol or drugs. For most parents and grandparents, it can be a heart-breaking experience. Their desperate search for help often leaves them feeling alone and without a roadmap to guide them through the process of helping the child they love through assessment and treatment.

It’s for these families that I wrote The Addicted Child: A Parent’s Guide to Adolescent Substance Abuse. You can find information on the book and a companion parent workbook that will help all family members including grandparents. The book and parent workbook are available on Amazon and the following website:

Richard Capriola has been a mental health and addictions counselor for over two decades. He recently retired from Menninger Clinic in Houston where he worked as an addictions counselor for adolescents and adults diagnosed with psychiatric and substance abuse disorders.

Happy New Year and Losing a Dear Mother-In-Law

happy new year

Happy New Year everyone!!! Wow! This blog post has been a long time coming…

While I had planned on doing a plethora of writing (for both blogs) this year; I’d also planned on doing lots of videos for my Beauty YouTube Channel. I STILL am planning to do all that, and more…Like being a better grandma!! 💜

I want to bring to your attention though, that I’ve stepped away from Avon and being a representative (for Avon). I just thought it was time to do some things differently. And, with the new year, I thought it was the perfect timing.

happy new year

I’ve started out 2021 with doing many videos, which ALWAYS bring me “immediate stress-free” benefits!! 🙂 Filming videos brings me quite the dose of accomplishment and confidence. If you knew me in my younger years, you would most assuredly know where I’m coming from. I was very shy and unsure of myself. I still am somewhat, however, not quite as severe.

With that said, I do realize that I haven’t started writing blog posts with a bang (with 2021 in mind) or, I should say, like I had planned as of yet. I promise you, they are coming, with everything grandparenting tips, parenting, healthy lifestyle, some new recipes here and there and, just everyday living.

happy new year

So, this brings me to the later part of January 2021 with settling down to the holidays being over and reality. We all had very enjoyable holidays, especially with the grandkids. On a more melancholy note; January is always sad for me. I’ve always dreaded taking down all the Christmas decor. In fact, my tree is STILL up. Although, we’ve taken down everything .

My Grandchildren

happy new year

My husband and I started out the new year with something very sad and unexpected. Although, it really WAS NOT un-expected…It was not in the time frame that WAS EXPECTED!

We lost my husband’s mother on January 21st. I believe it to be a mix of old age and kidney failure. While kidney failure with someone the age of 82 is always a concern, she had many illnesses with her kidneys in general throughout her stay at the nursing facility.

My Mother-In-Law’s health was surely failing and she was sick a few months (back) with memory and mobility being a significant issue. Thinking back on everything, I really should have realized (not eating nor taking medication for 3/5 days) that yes, we were going to lose her SOON!!

Maybe it was complete denial and the fact that we just didn’t want to accept it; as it was a real shock to us both.



I think…



One of the reasons why we were in such denial is due to the fact that we hadn’t seen her since March; before The Corona Virus transpired.

happy new year
happy new year

Personally and During my Mother-In-Law’s passing and her services, that is the (one thing) that was ever-present in my mind and the one thing I just couldn’t get past…not seeing her for that stretch of time. I still can’t.

One of the points I wanted to convey is take time out of your schedule to spend time with your parents AND grandparents if they are still alive. Call them often. I don’t care how busy you are, take the time to show them that you care while they are still alive.

The Points Below…I’m talking to (myself) as well as the (reader), YOU. <3

The Second Point I wanted to bring across — Even though 2021 may not seem to be a better year for you going forward, (for whatever reason), try to look at your future positively. If you’ve set goals for the new year, do everything in your strength and power to meet those goals.

The most important thing to remember is wake up every morning and TRY.

This is something I always inspire my grandchildren with!! <3 <3

The Third Point — Remember, EVERYTHING happens for a (planned) reason. God has everything planned out (at specific times) for things to happen in our lives. Why these things happen, we don’t know. However, when we get to heaven (if you/I/we have prayed the sinner’s prayer and accepted Jesus into our hearts), we will all realize what all those reasons were and WHY they had to strategically happen.

Happy and Safe New Year to each and everyone of you!

Thank you so much for reading!! <3


happy new year
happy new year

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