He Calls Me Amma! :)



Awww, so cute. My grandson is talking away now. I sure wish I had $1 every time he has said “Dadda!” LOL  He’s always wanting Daddy. 🙂


However, he calls me Amma now. Isn’t that sweet??!! I love it. =)



You know what he does now? lol


When he’s at the house, he will hide behind our couch and then calls out “Amma”  so I can “go find him” of course!!



Daddy has been playing Hide and Seek with him.  He’s such an awesome dad. =)


When Daddy was in his early teens, Amma sure wondered exactly how he would be as an adult. Hmm, was there ever any question???? LOL


YES!! I just have to admit that!! ANOTHER LOL…



I guess we all go through it, and it’s just human nature to wonder. 😉


Here are a couple of pics I wanted to share below























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  1. Tammy, did you know that “amma” is a Polish way of saying Grandma? My two nieces are Polish and they call their grandmother amma and the oldest is 17. lol
    Your grandson is growing up quick. Then again, kids always do. You blink your eyes and they are grown. So enjoy him now while you can. It won’t be long and he will be all grown up. lol

  2. Thanks Darlene! No, I did not know that. 😉

    Don’t worry, I’m enjoying him now while he’s little! 🙂

    I’m hoping the name sticks as he gets older. lol

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