How Fitness Helps You Deal With Stresses of Daily Life?

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What if someone guarantees you that exercise and fitness extend your life? Will it be definitive enough for you to start exercise, become fit and smart? When you work continuously. When you work in a stressful environment. In noise. In life pressures. In competitions, and in demands. You exhaust your energy. You run out of it.

Your body’s defensive mechanism, which protects it from stress, gives in. You become tired and tense. You become stressed.

If this cycle is repeated over and over, your body muscles start approaching their growth potential quickly. They approach to their maturity fast. If you were to live 70 years being healthy and fit, under stress you might live 60 or even less. Not a good news for your grandchildren. They did not have to see their grandparents, because they had become old faster and died under stress.

Think of a healthy lifestyle that you and your family can enjoy. Fitness can help you achieve that lifestyle, and here is how it does that.

Fitness keeps you young and growing

You do not have to start with a harder exercise. You do not have look for the best fitness equipment. Start with small and simple. Even a small act to your fitness can bring a lot of positive results.

For example, when you run, your body blood circulation improves.

It improves your metabolism. It helps you better digest your food. It also helps your body waste unwanted negative energy. It brings in and promote positive energy in you and around you.

When you work under demands and pressures, your body muscles become stiff and tense. It becomes a source of tension and stress in your body. When you exercise, you sweat. It relieves each of your body muscles of tension, pain and misery. It relaxes tone of your body. You start becoming cool and calm. You start staying that way.

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Fitness gets you motivated and going

When you lack energy, you harbour negative thoughts. They kill you within. Even a small task appears mountainous. You think you lack willpower. It is not true. You do not have energy sufficient to do any work. You are down and stay down in mood more often. You become surrounded by negative and speculative thoughts. It crushes your willpower whatever was left of it.

Helping yourself back into a cycle of activity, a physical activity, can help you win your motivation back. Remember, your routine work i.e. travelling to work, walking while shopping and walking to your grandchildren school, if you are grandparents, does not account as an exercise. Exercise is an organized fitness activity. It is more focused and targeted. It targets your fitness. Your fitness then helps you get rid of stress. You become fit and smart again. You are motivated gain. You find enough energy then to get going. It keeps you going.

It might even lead you to gyms where you can have some of the best fitness equipment to help you become fit and smart again.


Fitness gets you doing, not thinking

An exercise clears your mind. Take, for example, walk. When you walk, along comes a wave of speculative thoughts. A tale of uncontrollable thoughts unfolds itself in your head. It keeps going along your walk. It appears if someone has recorded a reel of voices in your head. When you start walking and running, it starts playing itself. Morning walks are particularly effective in clearing your head of excessive and addictive thinking.

Sometimes it is fantasy. You find fantasy thoughts more delicious. You get carried away with them. You don’t think for a moment it is not real. When you are caught by reality you find it childish. You laugh it off.

It is one aspect of fitness that it clears your head. You don’t think. When you don’t think, you are focused on doing.

Another or second way for fitness to help you in doing more is by enhancing level of your energy. When you exercise, it reinvigorates your body’s spirit. It gives your spirit new lease on life. It has enough energy and power to act then. You like being active. You find not doing anything very boring. Your idleness frustrates you. You want to do something. You want to do everything that interests you. It triggers a cycle of energy and activity. You become healthy, fit and active again.

Fitness gets believing you more

When you are out of positive energy, you are drowned in an ocean of negativity. You are at the lowest ebb of your emotions. You can’t do anything about it. You tend to stay alone. You become introvert. Only thing you do is to listen to yourself. Only person you listen to is yourself. But since you are negative, you talk negative. You listen to your negative-self.


It pulls you down more. You listen to yourself so much that you start disbelieving yourself. You have no faith in yourself. You are more than 100 percent sure you can’t do anything. You think you are nothing but useless.

Fitness is only and quick way to pull you out of your apathy. It can help you locate even a small source and amount of energy within you. It is enough to recharge and power your batteries. You find yourself back into exercise and fitness again.

Helpful tips

* When you feel down, it is first sign, you are under stress. Take a course of action then to avoid and cut down your stress.

* Stop staying in and alone. Drag yourself out and start walking. Even a purposeless walk can help you motivate for fitness again.

* Do not hold yourself back in waiting for best gyms and best fitness equipment. Go to your nearest fitness place and hit it.

* When feel alone start socializing. Start with socializing with your family members. Visit your grandchildren. grandparents and grandchildren have higher likability for each other and enjoy better communication between them.

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* Assess what is putting you off from exercise and fitness and take counter measures, which are exactly opposite to lowering motivation source. If yourself is pulling you in, you force it out and socialize.

* Try to avoid addictive use of smartphones and other devices. Excessive mental concentration on them drains your energy quickly. You lose your focus and perspective of yourself.

* If you feel you are continuously down in energy, get yourself examined by a physician. A health issue might be behind decline of rapid and too often energy.

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Millie is a sports educationist, emotional therapist and consultant. She regularly blogs on the subjects of sports, exercise, motivation and emotional therapy. She currently is associated with Xn8 Sports who specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling Boxing, MMA & Fitness gear and accessories.

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Tammy Embrich -- Full time work from home, writer, blogger, YouTube content creator, and LOVES playing with makeup. She is the proud grandmother of 2 wonderful grand blessings. You can visit Tammy at <a href=""><strong>MakeUp Products Online </strong></a>.

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