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I love giving homemade gifts: They’re often useful and practical, yet showcase my love and affection for family members and friends. When it comes to the boys in your life, like my young nephews or my friends’ babies, crafting can be a little trickier. I know my nephews want toys and games, the newest entertainment system and so on — and not the dress up clothes or crochet purse young girls might love. These crafts are all kid-tested, parent-approved for young boys. Dive in, or use these ideas as a springboard for your own boys crafts!

Fort or Fort Kit: Young (and not so young) boys and girls love to make forts out of pillow, sofa cushions and dining room chairs. I know I did when I was a kid. Nurture your child’s spirit and sense of adventure with a fort or fort kit (if you don’t want to nail the wood pieces together). Think of a basic teepee design — a set of crossed poles in the front and back, with a pole down the center to connect both sides. Once you craft the basic frame, sew your own panel fabric with cowboys, trucks or another of his favorite patterns. If you’re not up for hammering the frame together, get all of the ingredients, sew a quick stash bag and gift the prep as a kit.


Mini Apron: If you’ve got a budding chef on your hand, make him a catchy apron so he can help Mom make dinner or Dad grill burgers. Craft the apron to just his size or a little bigger. Use bold blues, greens and reds for the apron, apron pocket and any other details, or try a patchwork out of bandana fabric. Applique on his name, a nickname like “Star Chef” or anything you think will bring a smile to his face.

Boys’ Quilt: Perfect for a new baby or a young boy who’s gotten his first big-boy bed, this idea allows you to use your skills to create something Mom and Dad will appreciate and your nephew or grandson will use every day. Find out what the child’s current interests are, then look for quilt patterns that feature these interests. Or check in with Mom and Dad for information on the room’s decor and color scheme, then quilt something to match.


Superhero Costume: Perfect for the child with a vivid imagination, these costumes can also double as boys Halloween costumes. Think sewn masks, capes, leggings, hats and the like. There are all kinds of free patterns for these kinds of costumes, while you can also get inspired and create your own imaginary superhero costume for your little man. Custom costumes are so much better than store-bought costumes, which can be flimsy and ill-fitting. When making clothes for my nephew, I always go a size up. This way, he can enjoy it now and next year as well.

Stuffed Toys: These are most appropriate for little guys, since older boys may feel too big for these toys. If you’ve stuffed a pillow when quilting, you can put together a stuffed animal. As with some of these other custom ideas, find out what shows or characters he’s currently enjoying.

Or take a pick from pop culture. Aren’t these Angry Birds stuffed toys so cute? As a variation here, consider making puppets instead of simple stuffed animals.


These are just a few of the many wonderful ideas for holiday and birthday gifts you can create for young boys. I’m always keeping track of new ideas and testing them out when I can, so please share your favorite boys’ craft ideas below.

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Danielle blogs on behalf of Sears and other brands she uses. She prefers to buy boys Halloween costumes for her nephew when they’re on sale in early November, then accessorize them with her own creativity.

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Tammy Embrich -- Full time work from home, writer, blogger, YouTube content creator, and LOVES playing with makeup. She is the proud grandmother of 2 wonderful grand blessings. You can visit Tammy at MakeUp Products Online .
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Tammy Embrich -- Full time work from home, writer, blogger, YouTube content creator, and LOVES playing with makeup. She is the proud grandmother of 2 wonderful grand blessings. You can visit Tammy at <a href=""><strong>MakeUp Products Online </strong></a>.

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