Grandparents and Toddlers – Make It A Joyful Time


Some Parents and Grandparents dread the toddler years. Furthermore, some dread those years so much that it makes the situation worse. A child can sense if you are anxious or angry with them a lot more than you may think. So Grandma, you need to loosen up a bit, and I’m talking to myself as well here in this blog post. 😉



For my grandson, the toddler phase is just beginning. He’s healthy and all over the place just as normal as can be. And I sure wouldn’t change him for anything in the world. I love him so very much.



I’ve witnessed some very bad tantrums with my grandson already. And none of them will be the last one, I’m sure. I STILL remember when I was very little; the tantrums that I myself had…and they were pretty bad! lol



The key for Grandmothers to getting through the toddler years, (or some call those years the terrible 2’s and 3’s), is stepping back and taking a more positive approach. Also your attitude plays a HUGE role. Instead of thinking to yourself, “this is going to be a bad day,” you need to say (outloud) to yourself, “this is going to be a joyful day with my grandkids.” And mean it!



Think of some fun things that your grandchildren would love doing. Maybe it’s going to the park and (if your grandchild is a boy), trying out the new remote control truck they received for Christmas. Or maybe (and this is for the older ones) they got a new bike and they want YOU to go bike riding with them. Grandma, when was the last time you were on a bike? (for me, it’s been years) LOL However, what a goal that would be for me…going bike riding with my grandson! 🙂 How awesome that would be! Or maybe a trip to the zoo.



Below are a few tips for the toddler years


1. Go to your local library or get online and look up some books for some support for grandparenting through the toddler years. Or, look up getting through the terrible 2’s or 3’s. You WILL undoubtedly find a lot of books that will give you a lot of insight and the support you need.



2. Grandparenting groups would also be a good idea. You would be able to talk to many others that are going through the same thing. And you know what they say; “Two heads are better than one.” In this case, you will surely get a wide array of ideas on approaching the toddler years, and getting through them more effectively and easily.



3. What about toddler proofing your home? There are still some areas in (my home) that I have not child proofed! lol You know those plastic covers for electric outlets? That would be a great start for me, however I’ve not even done that. Also tying those cabinets together would be a grand idea. You know I bet there is some kind of gadgets for that now. And sure enough, I performed a quick search and found this. lol



4. Hang out outside. Let your toddler run around and run off a lot of the energy you wished YOU had! 😉 Let them play around in the dirt and perhaps help you with some gardening. It’s worth a try, don’t you think? Most toddlers (especially girls) would LOVE the idea of planting flowers or maybe even vegetables. Or what about getting a big group of kids to go walking. This would be ideal for the park. Also, get more social with this and have other Moms come along.



5. Try purchasing some brand new art supplies. This would be something that Grandma would even enjoy doing. Maybe drawing some pictures of the outdoors, or just plain coloring pages in a coloring book. Also, try looking up some fun crafts that you and your toddler would enjoy and could do together.



6. What about music? Try to make music fun and dance or just march in place to some toddler-friendly music. This would give both YOU and your little ones some good exercise.



7. Read books. Toddler-age kids love to be read to. Not just at bedtime or nap time. They enjoy books at any time. Make it fun for them and make faces as you read various stories.



Whatever you and your toddler does or enjoys doing together, always make it a learning process. Consistently teach them something new. Try to aim for teaching your grandchild something new at least every week. That sounds like a good reasonable goal to strive for. And above all else, have fun! 🙂


Article Written By Tammy Embrich

Tammy is passionate about her Grandmother status and loves to share photos, advice, Grandparenting Articles and Tips


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Tammy Embrich -- Full time work from home, writer, blogger, YouTube content creator, and LOVES playing with makeup. She is the proud grandmother of 2 wonderful grand blessings. You can visit Tammy at MakeUp Products Online .
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Tammy Embrich -- Full time work from home, writer, blogger, YouTube content creator, and LOVES playing with makeup. She is the proud grandmother of 2 wonderful grand blessings. You can visit Tammy at <a href=""><strong>MakeUp Products Online </strong></a>.

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