Cleaning Your Home – Easy and Fast Tips to Do It – Guest Post

If you are one of these people that often have a huge list with chores that are all of a high priority, but you can hardly find time for accomplishing even half of them, you are not alone. There are millions of people struggling with getting motivated to do the so monotonous cleaning of the house, especially when the amount of housework is immense.

The good news is that there are fast and easy ways that you can employ and feel relieved once your cleaning is over.


* Hiring someone to do the cleaning job for you is one of the easiest ways to be over with it, but if you can’t afford it at the moment, keep reading further.

* Stop complaining about how many things you have to finish, roll up your sleeves and knock out all of the housework.

* Always start cleaning with making your bed first because your room will look instantly cleaner.

* Don’t forget to make sure you have all you need to clean your home or at least the basics: a vacuum cleaner, something to polish with, all-purpose cleaner, a bin or bag, a cloth or rag and a positive attitude.

* If you don’t have a microfiber cloth, make sure that you get one. It will save you enormous amounts of time because it has multifunctional appliances and won’t leave any lint.

* Forget about being lazy halfway through cleaning your home. Once you start I, you have to finish it. You can take brakes but don’t get too carried away.

* Ask for approval once you are done cleaning one room if there is someone around. A positive encouragement will inevitably get you in cleaning mode.

* Treat yourself with something you love after accomplishing a task or cleaning an entire room. That will be a great stimulus for moving on to the next one.

* If you have a partner, siblings or kids, get them involved in helping you clean the house. Challenge them by having a competition of who will finish cleaning the given area or room faster. It will be even funnier if you get someone to be the judge and inspect both places and score them.

* Set the timer as giving yourself an estimated time for accomplishing the chores, and see if you will finish before or after that time.

* Be very careful not to step on something sharp on the floor while putting away the misplaced items.

* Have you ever considered the variant of mopping your floor as you walk? If you did, you have to check the dust mop slippers, which can look cute on your feet and do the tedious work of mopping for you.

* Play your favorite tunes when cleaning; the faster the beats are, the better. You may start moving too.

* If you need to do some tough cleaning and lots of scrubbing is involved, try rubbing the desired area with a magic eraser. It does wonders, and it gets even more powerful if you add some water to it.

* Always try to plan cleaning your kitchen while preparing a meal – it will save you time.

If not all, at least some of the cleaning tips will help you to get done sooner and faster with your cleaning.

Grace is a happy mom who really loves sharing her domestic cleaning tricks and tips and to help busy modern housewives to handle easy all the tasks at home.

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