Kitchen Cleaning Tips for the Busy Mom



The kitchen seems to be the gathering place for most families which puts a huge burden on mom when it comes time to clean. You may find dishes stacked everywhere, papers on the counters and tables, and your cabinets may be in disarray from others looking through them trying to find what they’re looking for at the time.


With the cooking, conversations, and messes in the kitchen, you may find this is one of the most difficult rooms to clean. The time it takes can be hours and feel never ending, but if you use the right cleaners and you have a talk with your family, you should be able to cut the cleaning time in half.



One of the hardest items to clean in the kitchen has to be the countertops. Things are constantly spilled or the counter is used for meal preparation and many other things. So it can be difficult to keep clean, especially if something is spilled and not cleaned up right away. It’s important to make sure you use the right cleaner so it removes the mess, but at the same time it’s important to use the cleaner designed for your countertops. There would be nothing worse than using a cleaner that harms your countertop. Make sure you consult with someone at the home improvement store or check online to see what’s good for the type you have.



The dishwasher can be another catch-all for messes. Things may dribble down the front of it or your pets or small children may add to the mess. Stainless steel is not a good choice if you have small children and pets; as they leave prints and smears. The best way to keep the outside of the dishwasher clean is to make it a habit to wipe it down each time you clean the counters.


The inside of the dishwasher may become a problems if large particles of food is left on the dishes for a long period of time. The best solution to this is to rinse the majority of the foods that get left behind right away after meals. Of course if you have a garbage disposal (something that I myself, don’t have), all you would have to do is thoroughly scrape, and discard in the sink before loading your dishwasher.


Also the inside of the dishwasher can develop an odor over time so it’s a good idea to find something to clean it with. There are cleaners you can purchase or you can do research online to find something you have at home such as vinegar or other cleaners. It’s a good idea to do this type of cleaning once a month.


All too often people that own dishwashers do double work. They actually go as far as washing their dishes by hand and then letting the dishwasher do its work for the second time. I say, “Why have a dishwasher then?” Just be sure and rinse right away after meals and don’t let dishes sit.



Other challenging items to keep clean in your kitchen are your cabinets. Depending on the type you have, the cleaning may need to be done more often. This would include glass or light colored cabinets close to the floor. Cabinets close to the floor can have dirt and other things from the feet and the floor along with small children and pet prints.


It’s important to be careful what you clean your cabinets with as there are cleaners out there that will do more harm than good. You may need to use hot soapy water and then clean with a good polish when dry, or there may be a special cleaner (suggested by your manufacturer) for specific types of wood.


Cleaning the kitchen can take a lot of time for a mom who’s busy with children and a job or business, if you let it. It’s important to use practical strategies to spend less time cleaning; like the suggestions above, and more time with your family and working your job or business. Practical cleaning strategies and the right products is key when it comes time to clean the kitchen.


Article Written By Tammy Embrich


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  1. Jordan says:

    I love using the Swiffer products in my kitchen. The Swiffer SweeperVac is really good for picking up dog hair and more. There is a great review at talking about all the products. Also for cabinets, I wash them with very little soap and water, then use wood cleaner / polish on them. This helps keep the wood from cracking / getting warn down.

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    Thanks for stopping by and your feedback. Also thank you for the link to the reviews. Appreciated 🙂

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