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Tumbler Tactics for Granny- Guest Post


Tumblr is a multi-media blogging and social networking platform. Every social media website offers something different to the online community, more than anything else – Tumblr is a blogging platform. It is set up to make it easy and accessible for average people to get started sharing their posts right away. Even if you are hesitate with new technology, you can handle the functionality Tumblr.



Following on Tumblr



On every Tumblr page there is a button where you can “follow” the user. This is very useful for keeping up with friends, family or anyone from which you do not want to miss a single post. The posts from the blogs you “follow” will be displayed on your homepage. You can also follow tags. For instance if you wanted to follow everything having to do with the television show “The Golden Girls,” you would add that as a tag to follow, then any blog that tags a post as “The Golden Girls” would display on your feed. Use this feature to aggregate all your grandmotherly interests.













Creating Posts



Tumblr is an online publishing platform so, without taking certain precautions, everything posted on Tumblr is out there for the world to see. You may wish to guard your privacy even more than you would when using Facebook or other platforms that are slightly more private. However, you still want to be yourself. Half the fun of blogging is sharing a (safe) bit of your personal life with anyone who may want to follow you. You can, and should, share a variety of different types of media on your Tumblr account. Create a post by “reblogging” something you see on Tumblr or using the tabs on your home page. There is a tab for each type of media (photos, videos, text, etc.) that you may want to make, and posting is very user friendly.








One of the best ways to gain a following is to use tags on every one of your posts. It is just like labeling recipes or indexing things in a card catalog. If you are writing about the Oscars, tag it with “Oscars.” If you are writing about the president, tag it with “Barack Obama.” New readers will find your blogs based on these tags. If they like what they see, they will follow you and will certainly read your future posts. Tags can be applied through a box to the right when you are creating a post, just remember to separate them with commas.




Gaining a Following




Some of the best ways to gain a following is to have a theme to your blogs. Emphasize the fact that you are a motorcycle-loving granny, or share the crazy things that happen while you are working at the animal hospital – whatever is a major part of your life. The most popular Tumblr pages are very focused, and readers come back time and again to see what their favorite posters have written.















While posting on Tumblr is fun and can be a great way to share your opinions and your life in general, you must be careful not to post too much. Remember anything you post will be out there for your boss, friends and even grandchildren to read. Just use common sense and you should be fine.  


As you can see, Tumblr is a fun way to stay connected with family and old friends, as well as connecting with new people. Take time to check out all the features and soon you will be a well-connected, Tumbling grandma who can share her knowledge of this exciting social networking site with your kids and grandkids.



Danielle has used Tumblr to connect with other people who share interest in home protection, and emergency medical support.



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