Don’t Overlook Seniors – Guest Post

Sure, grandma and grandpa may not be any tech firm’s target market. But, maybe they should be?

Grandparents are an untapped gold mine, a market that could, if prompted, buy computers, webcams, iPods, iTunes store purchases and apps. The main problem seems to be that no one has the patience to explain everything to grandma and grandpa.

And, even if someone did have weeks to help them understand, with the rate that technology changes, the information could be irrelevant in just a few months.

That being said,helping seniors understand and use technology could still be worth the trouble. And here’s why.

1) Easier Communication: Back in the days of phone calls and showing up on someone’s doorstep, you probably were able to communicate with your grandparents much easier. But now, we’re all busy perusing stranger’s profiles on Facebook and tweeting about nothing in particular, leaving grandma and grandpa feeling a little out of the loop. Photos of your cousin’s new baby that were once passed around in a 3×5 print are now posted on Facebook or Flickr. Pictures from the family reunion are never printed, and Grandma may never get to see them. Teaching grandparents to use simple technology like social media, smart phones or text messaging can increase their communication skills and keep them in the loop with family happenings.

2)Free Time: Your grandparents probably have a lot of free time on their hands and technology can help fill that void. From social media to Netflix to Blue Ray players, technology can take up a lot of extra free time. If marketed correctly as a way for seniors to pass time in a fun and engaging manner, seniors could purchase and learn to use technology that would make everyday life much more exciting.

3)Convenience: If there’s one thing those in older demographic markets like, it’s convenience. With the web and its advanced technology, we have just about everything we need at our fingertips. If seniors were made aware of all the possibilities the web offers to make their daily life tasks easier to complete, they might be more likely to take advantage of these opportunities. Marketing a tech product or service as convenient and affordable would certainly mesh well with seniors.

4)Simpler Technology: All in all, technology is amazingly becoming both more advanced, and easier to use all at once. Though it changes often, computers and websites are now much more user friendly than before. Smartphones can give information with only the touch of a single button to activate an app. This type of technology is easy to learn and useful for people of every age.

While seniors remain an overlooked technology market, there is potential for a paradigm shift. Disregarding seniors because of their age could prove to be foolish for the tech field. The convenience, ease, entertainment value and simplicity of technology has senior written all over it. Someone just has to get the ball rolling.

This article was inspired by Danielle’s own grandmother, who started using a grocery delivery service once she was shown how easy and convenient it is to order online and have them delivered to her door.

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