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5 Places to Find Coupons

By Sally Marshall

You can find hundreds of free coupons online and offline each and every day. There are any number of places where you can get coupons for the products you love. Here are five of the best places to find coupons.


1. Coupon Blogs: Coupon blogs will link to coupons that are the best of the best. As a bonus, they will show various scenarios on how and where to use them so you get the lowest price possible (sometimes for free!). Don’t know of any coupon blogs? Just do a quick search for those two terms and you’ll find thousands of them!

2. Online Search Engines: If you use a search engine such as Swagbucks or MyPoints to earn points for gift cards, why not start printing the coupons that are available on their main website? There are dozens of coupons available on these and other search sites. After you print and redeem a certain number of coupons you will get bonus points added to your account. A great way to save money and earn extra points!


3. Manufacturer Websites: If you have a favorite product, you can easily go to the manufacturer’s website and look for any coupons they may have available. In the unlikely event they don’t have any printable coupons, you can email them and give them some feedback about the product and ask if they would send you a coupon or two so you can continue to support their business. Sometimes they will even send you coupons for free items rather than the usual 50 cents off!

4. Sunday Newspaper: A very simple way to get many coupons without much effort and save the time of going to multiple sites to print them. Just go to your local gas station or supermarket sometime on Sunday and for about $2 you can have a dozen or more coupons for products that you likely use. Some people have reported that many stores will give the coupons away for free late on Sunday night since they will be thrown out come Monday. Also be sure to ask family and friends to give you their coupons if they won’t use them.

5. eBay: You can easily find hundreds of coupon filled envelopes for sale on eBay. The number of coupons and the cost of the envelope will vary from seller to seller but you can usually stock up on coupons for products you use. Never bid on envelopes that contain printed coupons from the internet as some stores won’t accept printed coupons. And be sure to check for expiration dates and consider shipping time so you don’t waste your money on coupons that are useless after you get them. Shipping is usually free since it only costs the price of a stamp to mail them. Additionally, if you have coupons you don’t want, you can sell an envelope of them and make a few cents.


With just a little effort you can be in coupon heaven in just minutes! Happy couponing!

Article Written By Sally Marshall


Sally writes about active lifestyles and green living on a budget on her blog She’s got an eye for coupons and all things frugal.

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  1. Tammy says:

    Very nice article Sally! Thank you for sharing it with us. I appreciate your contributions 🙂

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