Life At Grandma’s House – Videos, Photos, and Christmas

Grandmother Experiences And So Much More!

Well I’ve survived the first (almost) 5 months of Grandmothering. What a journey it has been. Grandbabies take a little more than your rest, money, and time…they also consume your heart! And this one sure has, however, I must admit he accomplished that task the first time I saw him, just moments after he was born. Grandma IS attached!

Life at Grandma’s house has been a whirlwind of excitement, exhaustion, re-education (LOL), loaded diapers, christening Grandma (I’ve learned to change him really, really fast LOL), lots and lots of laundry, sanitized and re-sanitized bottles, instructions (from Mommy and Daddy of course), lullabies, ABC’s (yes, I sing them to him every day just about, one of Mommy’s instructions ), Christmas songs (I sing those too, LOL), check up calls (yes, 2 or 3 times per day LOL), spit up, crying, fussing, laughing, cooing, talking (well, still trying), playing, sleeping (nope, not so much), watching cartoons/TV (that has been limited), and LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE!!!

Videos – I don’t have the videos yet, but I do however have the camera to take them, yes finally! So, they will be plentiful. 🙂 Grandma and Grandpa is just learning all the gadgets on the darn thing! It WILL be running Christmas.

Photos – The pics below say it all. Enjoy! 😀

Grandpa and Baby

In The Cradle In My Office, (he has grown out of it already!

In My Living Room On The Couch

Arriving One Morning In Snow Suit

Sleeping In Living Room – (workout bench and shoes in background)LOL

A Rare Moment For Sure!

With Mommy

In My Recliner

Grandpa’s Slugger

Mommy and Baby Sleeping

Family Togetherness!

Big Boy In Recliner Watching Cartoons..Love This One!

Boo Boo With Grandpa – I think the name will stick!

And Christmas –I can’t wait until Christmas morning when Grandbaby, Mommy and Daddy arrives! I know he won’t be opening gifts, but he will have fun sitting in the middle of all the boxes and paper! LOL

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  1. Lisa Marie Mary says:

    Oh my holy GOSHNESS!!! He is so darned cute, Tammy!!! Please give him a kiss and hug from "Mrs. Lisa"! 😉

  2. Thank you Lisa! I sure will, he is due here any moment. 🙂

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