Got a fat lip from my grandaughter….

My son came over yesterday with the kidlets and I was having fun playing with Ava. She was sitting on my knee and wanted me to open my mouth. I kept saying not and she kept trying to open it. I kept my lips held as tight as I could and she took one hand and put it behind my neck and pinched me and the other hand she held onto my lip and tried to pry it open. Well it worked. lol I started to laugh and my grandson looked at me and said,” Grandma what is that on your mouth?”

I had no idea what he was talking about but I could taste something strange. I rubbed my mouth and it was bleeding. I let on I was crying, saying Ava, you hurt grandma. She was rubbing my face and I peeked through my fingers and burst out laughing at the sad look on her face. Oh my gosh it was funny. Aiden didn’t know what to do so he laughed with me. He told his sister not to hurt me anymore. So I had to explain to them both that it was an accident and she didn’t mean to hurt me like that. lol They both felt better after that.

Its little things like this I should start writing in a book to keep for them when they are older. Just thought of that now. Might be a good idea


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  1. Hey Darlene,

    I'm sorry I'm so very slow at commenting. 🙁 Sometimes I think I'm meeting myself coming and going, really! lol

    I can imagine how funny that was. LOL

    That's a great idea you have there, about having a book and writing things down.

    I'm hoping I still have this blog when my grandchildren get old enough to read it. That would be awesome! 😀

    Thanks so much for your story, I enjoyed reading it. =)

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