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The Best Way to Color Easter Eggs – Monthly Food Column

    By Dennis Weaver From The Prepared Pantry It’s fun to color Easter eggs. Pink and yellow and lavender eggs are part of the Easter tradition. And of course, kids love colors and you can now choose from 41 colors. In this article, you’ll learn the best way to color eggs plus how to […]

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food holidays prepared pantry monthly column recipes

Suggestion​s for Valentines​ – Recipes and More – Monthly Food Column

      Suggestions for Your Sweetheart           From Dennis Weaver Of The Prepared Pantry I’ve been married for 33 years to Merri Ann. She’s the light of my life. My joy is to please her. She can’t eat wheat but I can make her a Legendary Flourless Chocolate Cake. I’ll […]

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prepared pantry monthly column recipes

Six Easy Ways to Delight Your Family With Leftover Turkey -Monthly Food Column

By Dennis Weaver of The Prepared Pantry What do you do with all that leftover turkey? I welcome it. It’s a busy time of year and I use it to ‘jump start” some great meals. It just takes a little planning. Here’s my strategy: 1. Peel the meat from the carcass. Divide it into portions, […]

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A Manual for Making Lighter, Thinner, Healthier Pizzas – Monthly Food Column

    From The Prepared Pantry     Years ago, probably when we still lived in Alaska, I bought this little cookbook called, The Weekend Chef. In it was a recipe for an everything-on-it pizza. It turned out to have a big thick crust and a boatload of toppings. The crust was partially baked and […]

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