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A Quick Low Carb Lunch

preparedpantryLarge-TurkeyWrap I’m still doing low carb, and also still learning along the way, like we all do 😉

When I’m in a hurry and in town doing errands, I usually want something quick that I can grab and take home with me. That is, if it’s around meal time.

I LOVE Mexican food…LOVE it! I love Taco Bell’s taco salad. However, it has to be the (beef) kind. I order it with EXTRA SOUR CREAM!

I DON’T eat the shell or those red things. I also stop when I get to the rice and beans. Although, sometimes I find myself there and still eating! 😮 Sometimes it’s hard, I have found a few things that help.

* Drinking about (2) glasses or bottles of water…( I try to do this before and after) eating this yummy taco salad! (y)
* Rewarding myself with yummy and sugar free chocolate
* Eating a boiled egg along with the salad
* Adding a bit more cheese, (have to watch the cheese though).


I’m back with lots of discipline and MOTIVATED! I’m down almost 10 pounds this year. I did cheat a couple of times, and (of course), it slowed my process. *Slap My Hand!!! 🙂

You can see some other low carb meals I’ve eaten in the past Here

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