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When it comes time to decorate a new home or add new life to your current residence, you don’t have to break the bank shopping for new accessories. Flex your DIY muscle and crochet some accents that will dress up your surroundings with ease and add a pop of color. Here are some ideas to get you started.


A great addition to your home, that will also look great thrown over a chair or the back of a couch, is a crocheted afghan. It will also keep you warm during these cold winter months. Try a solid-color throw for a room that is alive in color or furnishings. If your home has walls you can’t paint (such as an apartment with strict rules about modifications), crochet a throw in a bold color or pattern to use as a focal point and way to dress up your surroundings.

Trivets, Coasters, Placemats

Protect your countertops from hot pans and add a little zing to your kitchen or dining room table with crocheted trivets. They’re an easy craft that you can make while you’re watching television, or if you’re looking for a quick project that will use up yarn you have lying around. You can make them in a variety of designs, such as posies or hexagons.

Coasters and placemats will let you dress up your dining room table with a little DIY flair without going to a tremendous expense, especially if you like changing out your décor on a regular basis. Try a project that celebrates the holidays (something red, pink, or romantic for Valentine’s Day, for instance) or a patterned design that will complement everyday dishware.

Dishcloths, Dish Scrubbers, Potholders

If you’re a go green kind of person, you’ll likely be interested in reusable dishcloths that will help you clean up around the kitchen. Use sturdy and washable crocheted dish scrubbers to relieve yourself of using sponges to wash dishes, which can harbor bacteria and need to be replaced often. Use dishcloths to wipe up a quick spill and potholders to grab hot dishes out of the oven.

Reusable Bags

Crocheted bags will look great hanging in your kitchen between grocery store trips and might just inspire your friends and family to make their own bags (or at least use plastic and paper bags less often). Use the bags to bring home fresh produce from the farmers’ market or as lunch bags during the work week. They’re easily balled up and taken with you when running errands so you can accessorize while also being kind to the planet.

The ideas don’t stop here. Whether you dress up your kitchen or stay snuggy warm during family movie night, crocheted accents are fun and easy to make and will always come in your favorite colors. Share your favorite crochet projects in the comments below!

Danielle is an avid DIYer who blogs on behalf of Sears and other prestigious brands. From quilting with a sewing machine to cutting wood with a table saw, she will attempt any kind of creative project at least once.

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