Review and Giveaway – Boogie Wipes and Saline Soothers For Cold and Flu Season

Snot Your Average Wipe!
These wipes are made with natural saline and alcohol free

Introducing Boogie Wipes,  a nice alternative to the average everyday kleenex tissue…

My experience with the boogie wipes  was pleasant. I honestly could not believe how they effortlessly soothed my nose. They are extraordinarily super soft! And they leave you feeling fresh and clean.

I even used the fresh scent to wipe over my whole face. Awesome moisturizer! I really could not believe how soft they really were. Definitely much better than regular alternative tissues. Leaves the nose healthy and moisturized. 🙂

Something else I noticed with the wipes after use is how much easier it was to breathe. Especially using the minty menthol scent. Shear genius of the two Mothers from Oregon that invented these wipes! A huge plus with babies, toddlers, and all ages.

Just like a kleenex dispenser with a convenient plastic cover that clicks when you close it.

Comes In The Following Scents

Great Grape

Fresh Scent

Minty Menthol

Simply Unscented

The Fresh Scent Is My Favorite! 🙂

I will be purchasing some boogie wipes for my grandson for the flu season. 🙂

Recommended By Pediatricians!


Introducing Saline Soothers

The Saline Soothers Website

The cool menthal scent is awesome! If you have a bad cold or flu, these are much more effective than using vicks! They are definitely a big thumbs up!

My favorite of the Saline Soothers is cool menthol. In fact, I’m going to be purchasing some cool menthol. Since the flu season is here, I will be prepared for the worst. These wipes will make being sick a better experience for sure!

And for the people that suffer from allergies, these WONDERFUL SOOTHING WIPES simply cannot be beat!!

Comes in cool menthol, light lavender, and fragrance free
The Winner Will Receive —- Saline Soothers – (2) packs of 15-count wipes (cool menthol and fragrance free).  

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This giveaway will run until October 21st!!!

Thanks Tamena for sponsoring and all the coupons!!! 🙂

Winner of this giveaway is Darlene Demell…Congrats to you!

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    These wipes sound interesting and would be great for the grandchildren with winter coming. Their little noses get so raw.


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    Hi Tammy,
    Yes! It's that time of year again and I could use all the help I can get with cold and flu season! We have an abundance of icky noses around our house:)

  9. Hi Shari,

    Thanks for your entry. 🙂

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  10. I am amazed at myself for even being interested in this, but being a new dad I find this article amazing…ha. Never in my wildest dreams. On another plus note, those wipes do sound nice for myself as well as my son. I chop wood in the fall and winter so the old nose gets a bit beety when I am out in the cold for several hours. Would be a huge help though for the both of us…and to my wife of course…ha.

  11. Hi there JP. 🙂

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