4 Frugal Ideas For Fun Time With The Grandkids – Guest Post



When we have several hours or days to spend with our lovely grandkids, we often want to make the most of this bonding time by going on outings to restaurants, theme parks, vacations, and more. Nonetheless, these outings can sometime start to be fairly costly. The great part about spending time with your grandkids is that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot (or even any) money in order to have fun. If you are scratching your head, thinking of different ways to keep the kiddos entertained without breaking the bank, here are a few places to start:


Have a picnic at the park.

The best thing about visiting parks is that they are always a great free way to enjoy the nature that we so rarely experience in our urban-dominated world. It’s also fun to prepare a picnic with young children. Get creative about the homemade sandwiches and snacks you bring, and go all out with a checkered blanket and old-fashioned picnic basket (which you can find online or at a local antique store). Don’t forget to bring some stale bread for the ducks! 😉


Look up museums in your area.

Many museums are free to the public, and almost all have at the very least a discount for students and seniors. Check local listings to see new exhibitions opening in museums in your area. Natural science museums are especially fun for young kids, who tend to be interested in dinosaurs and other animals.


Set up a game night.

When I was a young girl, the fondest memories I had spending time with my grandmother was playing various games, like Scrabble, dominoes, cards, Monopoly, and Clue. If you don’t feel like have an afternoon or evening out, board and card games are a great way to keep the little ones entertained for several hours doing something that involves both brain power and personal interaction.


Work on an art or other creative project together.

Even if you aren’t a particularly artsy person, consider working on a collaborative project with your grandkids, like 1000+ piece puzzles or Lego sets. Anything that involves time and creativity, even cooking, can be an interesting, exciting, and frugal way of spending quality time with the grandkids.


Of course, this is just short list of ideas to get you started. The most important thing to remember is that spending quality time with the grandkids means truly engaging with them. And most activities that require emotional engagement don’t require much money at all. Good luck!


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Frugal Lifestyle Tips: 21 Simple Ways To Save Money

Financial debt can certainly consume you in more ways that one. It can rob you of sleep, it can cause major anxiety, it can interfere in your marriage, and it can cause you a severe bout of depression. While some of these go hand in hand, there are a growing number of financial debt affects that can result in an unhealthy lifestyle.

With the worldwide failing economy, there has to be certain things we can do to alleviate some of that burden. Well, there are quite a few practical money saving tips that can economically benefit you and your family. Let’s take a look at some of those things.

1) Drink Water: The beverage you drink on a daily basis should be water. Not only will this save you money, but consuming at least 8 full glasses of water each day is extremely healthy for you.

2) Eat Out Less: Stay at home and cook more often verses going out to eat. You can still have that scheduled Friday or Saturday night evening out, but otherwise stick to cooking at home more throughout the week and you will be surprised at how much you save in a year’s time.

3) Ditch That Daily Morning Latte: You know that daily morning latte that you think you have to have on the way back home from taking the kids to school? Ditch that, you don’t need it. Make your own at home and you’ll save a bundle in just a month’s time.

4) Dryer Vent Seal: Make for sure your clothes dryer has a dryer vent seal. This is an air leakage control device. We have one on ours and it’s definitely a money saver.

5) Grocery Shopping Online: Try doing your grocery shopping online. Sometimes you are able to save a considerable amount of your hard-earned dollars by doing this. An added plus, you will save on gas and time as well.

6) Downsize To One Car Family: Downsize from a two car family to a one car family. Look at some car pooling options as well as re evaluating your family’s transportation needs.

7) Homemade Gifts: When giving gifts, look into your creative side and make your gifts verses buying them. Maybe you love scrapbooking, or perhaps you like to crochet. Most people appreciate the homemade gifts better than the expensive store bought.

8) Your Children and Finances: Teach your children early on that money doesn’t grow on trees, as the old saying goes. An allowance is a good thing for them to learn the process of earning money. Furthermore, instill in them the importance of saving.

9) Phone Bill, Internet, and Cable: If you haven’t done so already, look into combining all 3 of these into one bill. You can save a bundle by dong this. I know Charter and AT &T has some good deals.

10) Combining Insurances Into One Bill: A lot of people have their medical, life, and home insurance all through one company. A lot of insurance companies offer this. It’s worth checking into, as it can save you money.

11) Online Coupons: There is a wealth of information on the Internet, including coupons. Just type in the type of “printable coupons” you are looking for into Google.com and you will come up with a lot of sites to check out.

12) Timeshare Vacation Deals: We all get those calls don’t we? Would you like a “free vacation?” Well, of course there is always a catch for these deals. You often have to sit in on an hour or hour and a half long sales presentation. A lot of people take advantage of this. This can save you a ton of money. Type “timeshare vacations” into Google.com and you’ll find lots of options.

13) Saving Leftover Foods: After meals if you have quite a bit of leftovers, don’t throw it out! Freeze it and make something different with it for another meal time. Also for small leftovers, save it for lunch for the next day.

14) Yard and Rummage Sales: If you have time for these, go to them! Often times, you can find some really good bargains. And there are some people that have clothing items for sale that have never been worn (with the tags still attached) at extremely low prices. These items may be just your size and what you’ve been looking for.

15) Walk Instead Of Drive: Whenever possible and when in walking distance, leave the car in the garage and walk to your destination. Not only will you save on fuel and wear and tear on your car, you will also get some needed exercise.

16) Saving Coins: Coins can add up quickly. At the end of each week, gather any extra coins that have accumulated in your car and your purse, and keep them in a piggy bank or a good size container. Every so often take those coins to the bank and either put the money in your checking account, savings account, or just get the cash for it. This is great for saving up for vacations or home improvement projects.

17) Enjoy Time At Home Instead Of Going Out: Have friends over or have a family night instead of going out. If your family enjoys these planned special nights, make it a weekly routine. You’d be surprised at how much you will save in a year’s time doing this.

18) Store Credit Cards At Home: Instead of keeping your credit cards in your wallet or purse, store them at home in a safe place. This way, you will resist the urge to buy on impulse. Use them only for emergencies.

19) Set Your Bills On Automatic Bank Draft: Instead of writing out checks each month, save on both time and stamps and schedule your bills for automatic bank draft.

20) Save On Electric: When you’re away from home or during the night, adjust your thermostat. Do this for both heating and cooling.

21) Online Freebies: There are tons of freebie websites. You may have to take a quick survey to get those items for free. It only takes a few minutes, take advantage of these sites and do the surveys. It is well worth it to save a few bucks.

Article Written By Tammy Embrich

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The Frugal Grocery Shopping Trip – 10 Money Saving Tips

Making grocery dollars stretch is a challenge for most of us, and feeding a basic family of four with today’s grocery prices can easily leave you broke long before next pay day. This is true for the average person trying to just get by and keep their head above water.

However, there are certain tips and tricks to make it a bit less challenging. Have a look below at my helpful advice to aid in making your everyday shopping trip more of a frugal one, and many more to follow.

10 Helpful Money Saving Tips For Your Grocery Bill

Tip 1 – If you make two or more trips to the grocery store each week, plan ahead and start going once per week, or even once every two weeks. You will save yourself both time and money by doing so. By making numerous shopping trips, you are unnecessarily more inclined to purchase extra items on impulse.

Tip 2 – You can save a bundle by taking the time to clip coupons. There are various places to find them in addition to your local newspaper. Maybe have your kids pitch in and clip coupons for you.


Tip 3 – Purchase in bulk sizes rather than single items. Both Walmart and Target offers many everyday items in bulk form. Buying meats in bulk sizes can especially save you money. Shop and Save does have meat in big quantities. If you have an extra big freezer, take advantage of this and stock up.

Tip 4 – If you do a lot of entertaining and you serve alcohol often, purchase your favorite wines online. You can save considerably if you purchase wine in cases instead of single bottles at a time. Check out wineaccess.com and klwines.com.

Tip 5 – Leave your credit cards at home when shopping. I myself have learned the hard way about shopping with credit cards. If you are an impulse shopper and repeatedly use credit cards, you may be in for some serious debt issues. If you have racked up big credit card amounts, if at all possible, pay more than the minimum payments. If you don’t, you will never get your debts paid off.

Tip 6 – Often times parents give their children over-sized food portions. It’s a well known fact that most parents end up pitching approximately 30% of what’s on their plate. Start serving smaller portions to your kids, you can always cook more if need be.

Tip 7 – Here’s a saving tip for moms with babies. Make your own baby food instead of paying the big bucks for those expensive jars of baby food. Put your blender to work. There are tons of recipes online exclusively for babies.

Tip 8 – You often hear the phrase “don’t go to the grocery store hungry.” Well, there is definitely some truth to that! Just once, go to the store when you are starving and notice how hard it is to resist the urge to buy on impulse. It is best to go after your morning breakfast meal. If you eat breakfast especially early, you will also find the store less crowded.

Tip 9 – Ditch the name brand items. Most often the generic form of a certain item is just as good. In most cases with name brand items, really all a person is spending more on is the “name” and not quality.

Tip 10 – Consider shopping at your local dollar store for certain cleaning products, toiletries, and paper items. Sometimes you find some really good bargains. For example, 4 items for $3.

With little effort and a little more time and strategic planning, hopefully the tips above will help you live more frugally.

Article Written By Tammy Embrich

Tammy is an Internet marketer, article marketer, and ghostwriter. You can find more grandparenting and parenting articles, tips, and personal experiences, as well as photos and recipes at Grandma Bloggers.

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