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To my blog and “All Things Grandparenting — Grandma’s Home Blogger Place!” =)

We offer a diverse collection of tips, articles, parenting issues, personal grandparenting experiences, brags, lots of photos, giveaways, reviews, and much more! A little bit of everything.

In addition to grandparenting tips, we also offer sections on parenting in general, frugal living, beauty tips, home and garden, recipes, cleaning tips, crafts, spiritual inspirations, Bible scriptures, product and website reviews, occasional giveaways and much more.

There have been a select few of Grandmothers that have contributed to this blog. They have kindly shared many resources that will answer a vast array of questions you may have about grandparenting and parenting in general as well. =)

Just a few highlights of Grandma’s Home Blogger’s Place…

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Back-to-School Health Checklist

When your child is in a school environment, there are all types of germs floating around. These shots are just a logical way to help prevent illnesses and diseases.

* Updated Shots – This is essential and must be high up on the list of priorities…always

Grandmas need to step it up and get in on the safety and well being of their grandkids just as much as…


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Featured Recipe Picks


OVER 500 Crockpot Quick Recipes For No-Brainer Convenience!

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Plenty of recipes to soothe and warm you on those cold, snowy days. =)

You’ll drool over more than 500 of the best Crockpot recipes, perfectly organized into categories like…





*Main Dishes (325 recipes)
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There are way too many recipes to list. This collection has over 500 handpicked recipes to choose from, and they’re easy to browse and navigate with huge colorful photos! 🙂

Get All Those Juicy Recipes – Here
Enjoy! 🙂

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