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Believing in Miracles — Some Scriptures For You

      I opened up my Bible this morning. For some reason, Matthew 11 Verses 1 through 5 caught my attention! Obviously, the Lord wanted me to see these scriptures on miracles and healing.   I DO believe and have a few stories that supports true miracles. 🙂 Matthew 11:1-5 And it came to […]

Psalms Chapter 4 and Prayer Quotes – Scriptures For The Week

It’s been awhile since I did a prayer or Bible scriptures post. However, I need guidance and prayer more than ever right now. I’m considering doing something online that I’ve never done before and need to know if I’m moving in the right direction for my business. I’ve been praying about this as I prepare […]

What Makes a Family Strong

Things have been crazy around our house as of late. Nothing is going according to plan and some days I feel as if I could just go running and screaming down the road and not look back. That is if I did not absolutely love and adore all of the wonderful people in my family. […]

Bible Scriptures For The Week – Faith and Scriptures For Grandmothers

      This was another day that I just opened my Bible in no particular book, and just to see what God needs for me to read. 😉 He always knows what I need, as I’ve had more faith issues this week. This week, our household was filled with some flu germs and it’s […]

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