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Tips For Cleaning Kitchen Cupboards

It is a good idea to clean out the kitchen cupboards after you’ve moved into a place (or right before you move out) and before putting the dishes in. This way you can be sure that you’re not inheriting any of the previous owner’s old and forgotten belongings or any dust and dirt. Even if […]

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Organizing the Laundry Room – Guest Post

  Is your laundry room notoriously the messiest room in your home? You aren’t alone in this! Keeping the laundry room clean may be the most daunting task in cleaning your house, because it seems like there are always dirty clothes piling up, no matter how often you do your laundry. Thankfully, there are crafty […]

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Grandma Needs To Declutter!

This is a live pic of my work desk this morning 10-10-11! Yes, I need to take a shovel to my desk and reorganize. This will be on my schedule either (should be today)! or tomorrow. LOL 😮 1 Excuse…honestly I had my grandson all day Saturday and Saturday night and all I got was […]

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