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TwoSees GIVEAWAY By Little Parakeet – (Ends March 10th)

Little Parakeet, TwoSees By: Dotti Templeton Moms, Make Life Easier On Yourself AND Baby!When babies get to around age 3 to 5 months and on up, it can be a challenge to change their diaper…I bet YOU can relate!! I’ve watched my daughter in law change our grandchildren standing up many times!     A […]

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How to Raise a Natural Baby in a Toxic World

This goes along with Grandmothers and Grandparenting Tips as well 😉 There are many grandmothers who are raising their grandkids these days. So this useful article By Carrie Lauth reaches out to Grandmoms too! By: Carrie Lauth Every day we hear of more things in our environment that can harm us. From drugs in our […]

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Shower Pics For Grandbaby Cheyanne

              Well, here we are with baby shower #2! 🙂     I am TOTALLY excited with my granddaughter arriving sometime in the next 4 weeks or so. I can’t believe it, time passes so darn quickly!!! =)     The shower was held in the guy’s work shop […]

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6 Must-Have Baby Supplies for Grandma’s House – Guest Post

        You’re a Grandma, and your grandbaby makes you smile every day. You can’t wait to feel her smooth skin next to yours as you pat her to sleep. Your experience caring for your grandbaby becomes even sweeter for you and her when you stock six must-have baby supplies in your home. […]

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