Midnight Lullaby By Jane Roman Pitt (Album Review)

As a new Grandmother, I was delighted when I opened my email to an invitation to do a review on a beautiful baby lullaby CD,Midnight Lullaby by Jane Roman Pitt. Kathryn Musilek from “Beautiful Day Media” was kind enough to send me a copy of it and I have to be honest here and tell you that I immediately fell in love with it. The music is so incredibly soothing and comforting.

Midnight Lullaby is a beautiful, consolatory collection of bedtime lullabies for babies and young children. The album was made out of love from the composer – Jane Roman Pitt for her grandchildren. A few of the writers of this album are Josh Ritter, Dixie Chicks, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Lennon/McCartney, and Jane Roman Pitt herself. My two favorites are “Baby That’s Not All” and “My Darling.”

In Jane’s Words…

*** “It’s very fulfilling to know that something as simple as listening to a soothing lullaby before bed can have such a profound and far-reaching effect on the life of a child.”

“The album is a way for a parent to lovingly tell a child, I love you very much, I’m here, and please go to sleep now because I’m really tired! And the collection says just that.” ***

There is an balsamic clarity in Jane’s voice on this record. Crystal clear vocals. The first time I listened to it, tears welled up while thinking of my own grandson. 😉 It is indeed an extraordinarily beautiful CD to have if you have very young children or grandchildren.

It actually lulled ME to sleep the night before I had some extremely dreaded dental work done. I was absolutely sure I would NOT sleep that night! I have a habit of listening to music at bedtime (with earphones of course, not to disturb my husband). I wanted to listen to the music one more time in preparation for writing this review. Lo and behold, I popped the CD in and before it was over, I fell asleep and slept the entire night straight through.

Just goes to show that it benefits adults as well!

This album would be an excellent gift for a baby shower, or for anytime after baby is born.

Have a listen to a few lyrics of the songs Here!

To Purchase This Album, Visit This Page

Please Note: – A portion of the proceeds from this CD will be donated to The Mary Benson House, a shelter for pregnant women and their babies in Asheville, North Carolina.

Below is Jane’s official website including her Biography. It also showcases other music she has composed and recorded.


Jane recently became Grandma to her second grandchild, a baby boy!

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Baby Showers By Mail Review ~~ (15% Off Coupon Code)

Baby Showers By Mail

I enjoyed looking through the website at all the wonderful products! I saw a few things that my Grandson would be delighted with. I especially like how they have a few items sorted by age. 😉

If you’re planning a baby shower, this is the site you want to be spending lots of time at! Baby Showers By Mail certainly thought of everything! Enjoy browsing. 🙂

In business since 2003! As per their signature statement so perfect for the site; Offering products babies need and parents appreciate!

Are you going to be Grandma for the first time? If so, you will of course want to make that 1st great impression with all the extra special services that Baby Showers By Mail can offer for your precious grandbaby.

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Offering everything…From gift ideas for a “green” baby shower, Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas, Year’s Supply of Diapers, Year’s supply of books, a variety of baby gift packages in the $20 – $100 price range, To… Organic Crib/Stroller Toys.

What’s Not To Love With This Kind Of Service and Type Of Products??!

And that’s not all…

Also showcasing — an excellent large selection of books published by Peter Pauper Press. Offers superb information and a wealth of knowledge to children and parents…especially for new parents! These are all keepsake books that include an impressive little charm, all affordably priced!

They even have a variety of affordable Gifts for Older Siblingssometimes (depending on age) they feel sort of like the black sheep and left out. These affordable gems come conveniently gift wrapped as well! 🙂

You will also want to check out Some Useful Birth Announcements Links, there Parenting Resources, and Pregnancy Resources 🙂

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Too good to let go by the way-side, and as also stated on the website…

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All Modern.com Review

A Nifty Site For All Things Modern

Do you love gracing your home with nice modern furnishings, decor and furniture? If you’re not the old fashion type and love modern things, then www.allmodern.com will definitely be the place for you. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, lace, ribbons, and doilies were in high style.

Today, the styles have changed dramatically along with culture and concept. There are a vast array of items that will surely suit your home furnishing and decorating needs. Some things that score high in fashion today may be some unique and fun children and baby items. I mean, what young girl would NOT take a fancy for this fine Powell LittleMissMatched Dresser & Mirror Set?

I was dream searching through some of their dinning room sets this afternoon. I found All Modern styles to be very sheek and contemporary. Definitely not something that my great grandmother would have used in her home. The word “metal” comes to mind. Do you recall those hideous metal cabinets? My own parents had those in their kitchen.
All Modern.com indeed has something fresh and trendy for every room in the house.

You can take your pick from bedroom sets and the office, to the kitchen. I especially enjoyed clicking through the shower curtains and bath items.

This fantastic online store even has fashionable outdoor furniture and accents. They also have a wide variety of nice things on clearance.

Come on by and request a quote or buy that special someone a gift certificate. You may even find something fun for your pets.

Come and go shopping with us and get All Modern! 30% off huge sale going on right now, don’t miss out!

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