A Quick Low Carb Lunch

preparedpantryLarge-TurkeyWrap I’m still doing low carb, and also still learning along the way, like we all do 😉

When I’m in a hurry and in town doing errands, I usually want something quick that I can grab and take home with me. That is, if it’s around meal time.

I LOVE Mexican food…LOVE it! I love Taco Bell’s taco salad. However, it has to be the (beef) kind. I order it with EXTRA SOUR CREAM!

I DON’T eat the shell or those red things. I also stop when I get to the rice and beans. Although, sometimes I find myself there and still eating! 😮 Sometimes it’s hard, I have found a few things that help.

* Drinking about (2) glasses or bottles of water…( I try to do this before and after) eating this yummy taco salad! (y)
* Rewarding myself with yummy and sugar free chocolate
* Eating a boiled egg along with the salad
* Adding a bit more cheese, (have to watch the cheese though).


I’m back with lots of discipline and MOTIVATED! I’m down almost 10 pounds this year. I did cheat a couple of times, and (of course), it slowed my process. *Slap My Hand!!! 🙂

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30 Blogs with the Best Tips on Helping Your Child Prepare for Standardized Testing


Shared From National Nannies.com

Standardized testing can be difficult for children, especially those who don’t test well. Every child is presented with the same test, so there’s no allowance for level of understanding or aptitude to the subject matter. As a parent, obviously you want your child to receive the best possible education, which includes scoring well on standardized tests. With these 30 blogs, you can help ensure that your child is fully prepared for any standardized test.

Understanding Standardized Testing

The first step towards excelling in standardized tests is understanding how they work. Although the word “standardized” suggests that every test is the same, there are a number of important differences in the tests that you and your child should be aware of. These five blogs will give your child an idea of what to expect, as well as provide them with a number of useful preparation strategies.

SSAT, SAT and ACT Testing: Preparing Students for Success
Co-Teaching and State Testing
Dealing with Test Anxiety: Part 1

How to Study for the SAT Subject Tests
What Do the Tests Test?

Getting in the Zone

As with any test, being in the right frame of mind can make all the difference in your child’s results. All the studying and practice in the world won’t do your child…

Read The Rest Of This Post Here

Domain For Sale — Real-WAH-Jobs



Hi there,


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Winner Of The Amazing Birthday Candle Giveaway






I am pleased to announce the winner of the Amazing Candle Giveaway! =)


Firstly I would like to thank everyone that participated, you are all appreciated very much.


I would like to award all who entered, however there can only be one winner . 😉



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Thanks to all again!!!


Welcome To The New Hosted WordPress Grandma’s Home Blogger Place!

Hi there, 🙂

I’ve been a tad busy with the new Grandparenting Articles and Tips Blog. My design person, Karlyn; helped me get all posts transferred over to the wordpress platform. Thank you Karlyn! Very much appreciated and another job well done.  🙂


The Blogger version of this blog now automatically redirects to this site. Very nice plugin for that!


I will slowly be contacting my subscribers and letting you all know about the new domain and design for Grandma’s Home Blogger Place.


Also to all my review and giveaway customers, I will be getting all your links back in place in due time.


To my active guest bloggers, I will get you added as authors shortly! You are important to this blog, remember that. 🙂


To all my readers, please be patient with me while I slowly get most of my resources back on the blog. The new site will offer some new features, so please stay tuned! Good stuff to come.

How Heartless Can A Human Being Be?!

Hi there,

I know we are not supposed to judge people, but this experience is stuck under my skin, and it’s not going anywhere, it has been eating away at me!

So, I decided to do a blog entry about it. 😉

I make sure my Mom always has something extra nice on her grave for the Christmas season; whether it be a blanket, wreath, or an arrangement. This past Christmas (on Mom’s birthday, December 2nd), I placed a nice arrangement on the grave. I did not make it this time, it came from Walmart. LOL


Anyway, my husband and I always makes sure whatever we put there is securely staked down, so the wind don’t catch it and carry it away.


Well, much to my surprise!!! :/ I guess it’s been about 3 weeks ago, I make a visit and what do I see? I see this arrangement placed on the grave right next to Mom’s with those same stakes we used. YES! And we know it didn’t blow away, we had (I know) at least 4 stakes holding it down. I always make sure her flowers are nice and tight.


My mouth literally opened with a huge gasp…I COULD NOT believe it. I told my sister about it and she asked, “did you put it back?” Well, no…I didn’t, I did not want anyone to see me do that. LOL :O


We thought of reporting it, but hey, this is one of those things that you can’t prove. 🙁


I guess the only thing I can do is pray for them. 🙁


Do I feel better now that I’ve blogged about it?? No! lol


We’ll see, I guess Valentine’s day will be a test! 😉

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First you make your habits, and then your habits make you. You become a slave to your constantly repeated acts. What at first you chose, at last compels.

Your thoughts lead you to a purpose. Your purpose moves you to take action. Your actions form your habits.

Your habits determine your character, and your character fixes your destiny.

Your habits are either the best of servants or the worst of masters.

Once in motion, a pattern tends to stay in motion.

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“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” Paulo Coelho

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”

Paulo Coelho

Success of any kind takes risks, it means putting yourself on the line and risking failure in order to better yourself and your life.

Leo Buscaglia once said ‘The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing and becomes nothing’ and he’s not far from the mark, because those individual who spend their entire lives living inside their comfort zone never taking the risk to step outside it (and we all know people like that), end up achieving very little worthwhile with their time here on earth.

If you have great dreams, accept the fact that great dreams take great risk, but what is the greater risk, to put it all on the line and possibly fall short, or to risk nothing and have your life stand out not as an example to others as to how to live greatly, but as a warning on how not to waste this precious gift we call life?

Ask yourself today, ‘Am I willing to risk falling short and ‘failing’ in order to achieve my deepest dreams?’

Live Life Large!
Reprinted with permission of Alex Prez & Motivation in your Mailbox E-ZINE, for more information, visit www.motivationinyourmailbox.com



You must first expect to succeed if you want to succeed.
When you expect good things to happen, strangely enough, they will happen.

Expectation energizes your goals and gives them momentum.

Your life will always respond to your outlook, so set your goals high. The dreams you choose to believe in will come to be.

You can’t expect to succeed beyond your wildest expectations unless you begin with some pretty wild expectations.

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