A Spa Day For Grandmothers






If you’re a grandmother you know how busy you can be spending time with your grandchildren, working a job or business, and keeping up on your housework. Some days it may seem never ending. There is always so much to do and sometimes it may seem like there is never enough time in the day to get it all done.



No matter how busy you are, you need to schedule “me time” so you have time to relax and unwind. One way to do that is to plan a spa day for yourself. It would be extra fun to plan a spa day with other Grandmothers along. It’s nice to do this by yourself, however, you’ll have a better time if you bring a few others along. After your spa day, plan to go to dinner or lunch. Just coffee and a special dessert would also give you a chance to chat about whatever.



When you decide you’re going to plan a spa day it’s important to find the perfect one. You need to find a place that offers everything you want and you need to make sure you’ll feel comfortable while you’re there for the day. The best way to find the right one is to read spa reviews. Most of these have websites, but if they don’t call and ask if they have brochures or other documents that have reviews.



You use your hands all the time no matter what you do. Whether you use them while you work or while you play with your grandchildren, they’re valuable to your everyday needs. Your nails are visible by all and it’s important they look healthy at all time. Nail care is important because you use your hands all the time so it’s a big deal that they feel good and are in good shape. One of the nicest things you can have done during your spa day is to have a manicure.



Depending on the spa you go to, they may do different things, but most times they’re done the same way. The technician will massage your arms and hands, she’ll put oil and lotion on your hands, and then she’ll clip, file, and paint your nails. Your hands and arms will feel great when your manicure is complete.



During the summer sandals are warn or no shoes at all, so it’s important to have your feet look their best at all times as well. One of the best ways to do that is to have a pedicure done. Most places use a foot tub so you’ll get a massage from your knees to your toes and you will melt as the technicians do their thing. You’ll have your toenails cut and filed and paint applied and you’ll have the best looking Grandmother toes in the world. lol



One last thing you must do during your spa day is to have a massage done. There are several types to consider and several amounts of time, so you’ll need to consider all of those things. Having a massage is a wonderful way to relax and have tense and sore muscles revived. You’ll have more energy and you’ll feel like a brand new woman afterwards.



It’s important to remember, just because you’re a grandmother doesn’t mean you can’t be busy and have a lot to do. You take care of your children and grandchildren along with your job or business and your home. Don’t let those things stress you out and keep you tense. Take the time to plan a spa day for yourself. You’ll find when you do you’ll feel revived and you’ll feel so much better about yourself.


Relax and enjoy your day, you deserve it! 🙂



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