Looking for New Shoes? Don’t Sacrifice Fashion for the Sake of Comfort – Guest Post

With all the things going on in your life, whether running after a few hyper grandchildren, attending social events, shopping or gardening, it’s important to get around in comfortable, supportive shoes that won’t have you groaning by the end of the day.

While supportive and comfortable shoes are carried by many retailers, supportive, comfortable AND fashionable shoes are another story. If you’re looking for the benefits of an orthopedic shoe without looking like a nurse from the 1950’s, check out the following options. These manufacturers have their share of stylish shoes that also lend plenty of support.

Mephisto brand shoes are a great start. The Mobils series has a line of sandals with details like slight wedges, and tortoise and faux crocodile straps. These sandals are extremely comfortable and can be dressed up or down for the summer months! My personal favorite is Candy in Pewter.

Aravon is made by New Balance, which has a history of producing supportive athletic and walking shoes. Aravon really does a loafer right. You won’t experience pinching or tough material with these. I think the Maura in Red Brown is a really attractive heeled loafer. Just by looking at them, you would have no idea they’re ortho-friendly. They’re chic and professional enough for the office.

Clarks as a company, has been making very comfortable and supportive shoes since 1825. Most companies can’t say that. While I can’t recommend a heel to everyone, Clark’s Gallery Ink boots are great. The velvety boot features a removable Active Air footbed, buckle hardware and a sturdy stacked heel.

If you’re looking to add some comfortable boots to your closet, these should be your first pick.

Next time you go shoe shopping, follow these tips by the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society:

* Always shop at the end of the day; your feet tend to swell throughout the day.

* Look for a good fit; the shoe should be comfortable and shaped like your foot with more room in the toe area.

* The shoe should have a shock-absorbent sole. Shoes with a low wedge are best.

The material of the shoe should be breathable. Canvas and leather are good choices.

About The Author

Danielle spends the day on her feet and finds Mephisto brand shoes to be a perfect crossroad between style and support. See her musings on healthy, active and green living at eatbreatheblog.com