Personalized Ornaments For You Review

I simply LOVE this time of year!!! The holidays are so much fun with my grandchildren. <3

Even though I have plenty of ornaments and decorations, I always find myself in the Christmas department in whatever store I happen to be at. I’m always shopping for new decor for my tree/s. lol =)

This year – 2018, I was overjoyed to get a special email about a collaboration from Stephanie was so kind to offer me a $50 Gift Certificate to shop on their site for a return review about the personalized ornaments and their website.

Let me tell you…I had some fun shopping for those ornaments! <3

The website has a wide variety to choose from. I personally like their dog and cat ornaments. I especially like how they’ll add a paw print on the product for FREE! Those are adorable.

I promptly received the ornaments of my choosing. Speedy turn around for what I had ordered.


And hey…about the products themselves —

Excellent quality! When you hold these products in your hands, you can feel how sturdy they are.

They are also, larger than what I expected. That’s always a plus.

In addition, you can definitely tell that a lot of detail went into creating these adorable ornaments.

I WILL gladly be a return shopper!


The website is very well put together. has it all properly laid out for you.


The collection categories are on the left, and the top menu has all the essential linksAbout, Contact, FAQ, Shipping Info, and Their Blog.

In addition, the site has a lengthy category list. Everything from parents, grandparents, animals, graduation, birthday, baby, patriotic, occupation, religious, teacher, retirement, engagement, and many more.

I really love the Christmas Countdown at the top of the site, where it has days, hours, minutes and seconds. Charming idea!


I think the best feature that Personalized Ornaments For You has is remaining on-trend. The staff is consistently searching for all the new trends for their products and adding new themes to add to their Christmas Ornament Collection

Excellent website to shop for the holiday season!

Happy Holidays To You All! <3

Have fun shopping! =)

I was not compensated for this review, except for receiving the $50 gift certificate

Thank you for reading! And please, give Personalized Ornaments For You some love on their Facebook Page. <3


iPad Case With Keyboard Review


I’ll be honest…




I was rather skeptical about trying this iPad case with keyboard out due to reading various mixed reviews. However, I’m satisfied with the product so far. I love the look and feel of it, and it’s in my favorite color too! YES! I love purple. 🙂

In addition

It’s working fine for me. Although, (like anything else), the keyboard came with a (have to get used to) basis. Still, I love it! It’s pretty much like a laptop.

I also like that it’s dust AND spill proof! =)




If you love your iPad and are still looking for that perfect case, this one, (in YOUR color, of course) just may fit the bill. This case is for iPads 2/3/4 and easily connects via Bluetooth. It was quick and easy to purchase, and I received it in 3 days (minus the weekend)!


I absolutely love this product!


I’m going to enjoy writing articles with this case and keyboard. It’s perfect for writing!

This Case and Keyboard is a Steal!…Very Reasonably Priced 🙂

You can check out all the details about the New Wireless keyboard leather case for Ipad 2/3 the new iPad with stand-PURPLE if you like.

Silly, Frilly, Grandma Tillie – Book Review

grandmatillie2I was delighted to get an invite to review the charming book; Silly, Frilly Grandma Tillie. 🙂

Story Published By: Flashlight Press

Written By: Laurie Jacobs




What a clever way to entertain your grandchildren!


My first thought while reading the book….

#1 As a Grandma, I’m not that good of an actress lol

Second thought

#2 My grands would see right through me, they are incredibly smart. 🙂

However, I will be reading this book to them soon for sure!

The Story: A big smile contoured my face when I picked up the book and read it for the first time. This adorable story is about a grandmother who enjoys being silly with various characters to teach and entertain her granddaughters. My favorite character is “Madame Frilly Tillie!” She certainly makes bath time fun. Although, “Chef Silly Tillie” can make an awesome grilled cheese sandwich. 🙂



Silly, Frilly, Grandma Tillie

I promise, this story will warm your soul and never bore you; as it absorbed my attention to the very last page. It gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside! 🙂   

The Book Itself: I found it to be colorful, eyecatching with the vivid choice of graphics and a genuine, captivating story to share with ANY grandchild.   

Oh and, obviously, Grandma Tillie enjoys changing characters and entertaining MORE than knitting! =)    

Watch The Video Below



You can grab this book Here!

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TwoSees GIVEAWAY By Little Parakeet – (Ends March 10th)


Little Parakeet, TwoSees By: Dotti Templeton

Moms, Make Life Easier On Yourself AND Baby!
When babies get to around age 3 to 5 months and on up, it can be a challenge to change their diaper…I bet YOU can relate!! I’ve watched my daughter in law change our grandchildren standing up many times!



A special toy can help considerably when checking diaper and changing, OR SOMETHING ELSE… 🙂


With TwoSees, life is so much easier on both Mom and baby when just peeking in a diaper for
#2! Yes, TwoSees is the greatest invention ever for JUST THAT LITTLE PEEK FOR POOPS!

What Are TwoSees??


TwoSees is the version of a onesie with a special and convenient, little rear flap to check baby for poops. With this product, you don’t have to completely undress baby. How clever is that!!! The onesies are super soft, just right for a baby’s skin. Another cool feature is an udjustable neckline, which is a breeze to get on and off.

The video below will shed some light

Video – TwoSees on Sonoran Moms TV

Brand New On The Market


The TwoSees onesies come in an attractive organza bag. Dotti also includes a “Baby is Sleeping” doorknob hanger as a special, free gift to you. 🙂

Wait, there’s more! In addition, Dotti includes a FREE, bright yellow tote. This tote conveniently serves as a gift bag. A no-brainer for wrapping the gift for that special mom on your list!

TwoSees can be a nice gift for a first-time mom, a daughter, granddaughter, or just a friend. Or perhaps consider this one-of-a-kind product for YOURSELF! Why not, you and baby deserve it! 🙂


Little Parakeet — TwoSees

ABOUT DOTTI – For The Most Part – Taken From The Website

Dotti is the creator of TwoSees and the Chief Executive Grandma for Little She is a stay-at-home mom, and worked for non-profits, owned a photography business, sold life insurance, among other endeavors over the years. Dotti and her husband Art decided to start the business of TwoSees in 2013.

Their granddaughter Cassidy was the inspiration for the business, and their grandson Ethan was the model.

Moms will Love TwoSees!

You can find Dotti on FaceBook too. 🙂



The Giveaway Prize

The prize giveaway will be THREE gift TwoSees in an organza bag, in size 6-12 months (OR) 12-18 months. You will also receive the (free) door hanger and tote!



Please Note:The First Three Are Mandatory for Successful Entry or It Doesn’t Count 😉

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“TwoSees By Little Parakeet Review & Giveaway -(Ends March 10th) #giveaways #reviews #babies #contests”

5. Extra Entry… Blog about giveaway and leave comment with your URL of the post

Good Luck!!

Does Not Ship To Canada…SORRY!

This Giveaway Will End On March 10th!


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No Bake Chocolate Cake Pops – Review – Cake It Easy


This was a FUN one, and I was so delighted to get the chance to do the review! 🙂

Easy DIY Cake Pops Kit


From Cake it Easy

These were so fun to make and actually made me want to get back to holiday-mode! lol :p


In fact, just as I posted on Facebook yesterday, I was singing “Happy Holidays” while making them!


Below is what the DIY kit includes:

* No Bake Cake Pops Mix in Chocolate
* Rainbow sprinkles
* 10 cake pop sticks
* 10 paper cupcake liners
* A paper mat to work on

Very user-friendly and easy to make, in just 30 minutes!

Note: My batch made 14 🙂

You Will Need a Little Water and Oil


Instructions On Back Of The Box…How Cool Is That!! 🙂


Roll ~ Shape ~ Decorate ~ Enjoy!

They really do taste great!!! 🙂

I wish my grandson was a little older to help me make these…would have been so much fun! I’ll have to remember these and order some on the website a couple of years down the road. He will love it!!!

My ONLY recommendation is… Put them in the fridge for about 2 hours, versus 30 minutes before putting the sticks in…as I found them a little too crumbly and easy to fall apart.


There are more flavors and variations to choose from…

Water can be substituted with cream cheese, frosting, melted butter and many more delicious ingredients. Cake balls can be dipped in some melted chocolate or candy wafers…I know, sounds delish!!

Other choices could be shredded coconut, nuts, cookie crumbs of any kind, chocolate chips and MORE!

TIP: The chocolate balls can be formed into any shape of your choosing…such as hearts, or anything you like. 🙂





Inside The Box



My Grandson! Isn’t he handsome?!! 🙂



Visit Cake It Easy at

Visit them on Facebook Here

Visit them on Twitter Here

You can also grab them on Amazon!


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Review: Personal Creations – The Perfect Site For Confirmations and Baptism Gifts






I was invited to do a personal review of this charming website for personalized gifts. They have a generous supply of personalized religious items. I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. To be honest, I fell in love with the site. They house everything from personalized picture frames, teddy bears, crosses to Bibles.


I was so delighted and fascinated with these exquisite items. I don’t have to visit a Hallmark store, or other gift store! I can relax and conveniently shop for items I can purchase for my grandchildren all from this one website.


And what a perfect time! We’re expecting our second grandchild in May. What perfect choices for our baby’s Baptism that will be coming up! I won’t have to wonder what to buy. In fact, I know exactly what I’m going to purchase. 😉




Below are just a few of the items displayed on the site



baby photo block


What grandparent would NOT love all these items?! How extraordinarily awesome.

I also found the items reasonably priced

Also See Coupons Available Here.

Do you have a first communion or baptism coming up? Hop on over to Personal Creations. They have everything you need regarding gift ideas.

Personal Creations also has special gifts For Her and For Him, for the home, and also a Clearance section. Be sure and get full details by visiting.



Visit Personalized Creations on Facebook and Twitter.


Be sure and visit their blog too! 🙂

* Request their catalog Here

* To sign up to receive their emails, simply look for the link toward the bottom of their website.


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Hallmark Cards Review

I’ve always loved walking into a Hallmark store…especially around Christmas time! 🙂

You know that fuzzy, warm feeling you get around the holidays? Well, that’s the feeling I get when browsing in the Hallmark stores

I was excited to get my Hallmark card collection that had count-down for kids and musicals nestled inside.

Hallmark Cards has some exquisite collections. And you can ALWAYS find the perfect message for that special someone.



Not only does Hallmark have cards that gets the message across in a very unique way, they also have stylish ornaments.

Hallmark also does gift wrapping

STILL MORE TO OFFER…There is also a Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe software where you can personalize your special greeting. How awesome is that?! 🙂

And don’t forget!

Their Crown Rewards Program! It’s simple…just present your Crown Rewards card when you check out at any Hallmark stores and you earn points! These points transfer to real cash that you can use to buy Hallmark products.

*** The Hallmark company created in 1910 by Midwesterners Joyce, Rollie and William Hall ***

Thank you very much Gina for extending the invitation to me for doing a review for Hallmark Cards. It was a sweet gesture and truly an honor to do this review! 🙂

Parnevu Shining Gel Review – A Gotta Have Product!





Hair Care Products for Healthy Hair


I was inspired to try the shining gel, and also delighted to be able to do a review for this particular product. 😉





I have dry hair, and that’s due to coloring it like I have throughout most of my adult life and I’m 51 years of age. I’m not that vain about letting folks know that I have a full head of a natural color of grey! Yes, it’s true. So I do take measures to keep the grey away; sometimes to the extreme. I’ve had my hair very dark brown, (close to black and my current color), blonde, light brown, and auburn brown. I’ve only bleached my hair once though. However, you get the idea of WHY my hair is so brittle and dry.

I have tried the Biolage hair care line and really liked how it softens my hair and the scent is fabulous.

However, this post is NOT about Biolage NOR how many colors I’ve used on my hair, I promise you! 😉 lol



At first glance after opening the jar, I’ll be honest, I was hesitant about using it. Although, I DID notice the pleasant citrusy aroma to it. It smells awesome! I also liked the texture of it while rubbing the gel across my fingers.

So I jumped in the shower and washed my hair, ahh, a shower ALWAYS makes me feel like a new person! 🙂 I was extremely excited about this new product!



After towel drying my hair thoroughly and brushing it through, I applied the Parnevu Shining Gel. The product went on my hair so silky smooth. And after rubbing it in for a few minutes, I noticed the brilliant shine right away! I also noticed the great manageability my hair had, my fingers laced through my hair effortlessly. Awesome! 🙂


However, there is one more thing that I didn’t expect, and that was I had body and I could just scrunch and finger my hair into a nice style. I DID NOT have to use a curling iron on my hair like usual. This is some nice stuff!! Love it, love it.


And YOU too need to try it if you have dry hair!


Here is what you get with the shining gel:

* Incredible Shine
* Incredible Body and Control
* Incredible Management
* Incredible Conditioning
* Incredible Citrusy Scent


Parnevu also has other one-of-a-kind products such as: T-Tree Break Control, T-Tree Growth Creme and many others.


Read on their website on tips they have to share and also answers to important questions Here


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Watkins Rejuvenating Foot Cream Review & $25 GC Giveaway















They’ve been a household name since 1868! That is truly impressive. However, I’ve gotten the chance at actually reviewing one of their products. Thank YOU Darlene! She was gracious enough to send me an exquisite product for me to review. I’ve never bought anything from Watkins…..yet! 🙂 I’m sure I will soon enough.



I’ve been told by a lot of friends and acquaintances that once you have a pedicure, you will be hooked for life. LOL, Well, I’ve never had one, honest. And if a pedicure feels anything like my feet feel right now after using Watkins Rejuvenating Foot Cream then I’m quite positive that I would be hooked for a lifetime.


I have very dry skin, and when it comes to my feet…make that TRIPLE the dryness! That’s why I jumped at the chance at doing this review. I have tried various lotions, and have found Gold Bond to be effective…



















HOWEVER, this peppermint foot cream from Watkins tops it hands down!! 🙂





















Ahh, this foot cream is extraordinarily awesome and 100% Natural! I love the texture, I love the scent, (peppermint), AND I love how soft it makes my feet 🙂




It’s that cool, soothing sensation that gets you, and the scent is truly amazing. I happen to love the aroma of peppermint.. Very Nice Stuff! —>>> You must try it out



New Line Of Products At Watkins…just for babies! =)
The products consists of baby oil, baby wash, baby lotion, and soothing baby balm. So, if you are a new mother, you need to have a look. 😉




Are You Interested In A New Home Business Venture?
Sign Up From Now Until March 15th, and You’ll Get —>> 3 Months < try Watkins e-Associate Web Package, 3 Months — No Charge!!



Yes, you read that right….



If you want to dump the website after the 3 months are up, that’s totally fine. 🙂



There are a ton of benefits with a home business opportunity, and with this specific business, there are actually too many extras to disclose here for this blog entry. You will need to get in touch with the sponsor of this giveaway @




You Deserve to be So Richly Rewarded For Your Hard Work!


Living Naturally
From Darlene’s Associate Site…


So what is Living Naturally to our Associates and Customers?



Living Naturally means each of our customers can expect consistent products and service at an affordable price, all with the sustainability of our planet’s resources in mind.



Watkins promise is to continue our Living Naturally philosophy for generations to come!



All Rights Reserved… The statements made and opinions expressed (in this section here) are those of the Independent Watkins Associate who is the publisher of this document, and are not to be construed as the statements or opinions of Watkins Incorporated.




Make Darlene Demell YOUR Independent Watkins Associate! 🙂





Here Is What You Can Win In This Giveaway!!






——–>> Gift Certificate For $25! Toward Any Watkins Products<——-
RULES FOR GIVEAWAY –>>> First 3 Are Mandatory For Successful Entries!




Numbers 4, 5, 6, and 7 are bonus entries and will further your chances of winning the giveaway






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Purex Crystals Review – A Fresh Outlook On Doing Laundry



Good morning, 🙂



I recently tried the new Purex Crystals. Someone in our local Walmart was talking to me about the crystals when I was in the laundry
aisle. She said it smells fabulous! I was hesitant about trying it because it’s relatively expensive. 😉


The following week, I grabbed it and tried it. It REALLY DOES smell fabulous! However, I just use it on my sheets and towels, due to the high cost. It makes my towels and sheets oooh so soft and leaves a wonderful, clean fresh scent. =)



The directions says to use 1 capful….I throw 2 capfuls in my loads. I love it! —  I like the “fresh spring waters” scent the best =)



The Purex Crystals is safe for all washing machines and also safe for children’s sleepwear.



                                                                                                                 If you haven’t done so check them out!