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The kiddos will be starting school in a couple of short weeks; depending on where you live, of course. Where has this year gone?! Whew! 😮

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Taking Time to Volunteer

Volunteering is in my blood. I don’t know if it’s a generational thing or something my parents instilled in me growing up. I only know that I have volunteered in one way or another from candy striping at a hospital when I was a teenager to making preemie layettes as a grandma.

I have been thinking a lot about taking my volunteering to the classroom. I volunteered when my kids were in school, so volunteering in the classroom is nothing new. I have noticed that teachers don’t get as much help in the classroom as they did when my daughters were in school. I figured I could easily volunteer two hours a week. After all, I waste more than that on spinning my wheels. I just needed to find someone who needed my help.

I thought about volunteering in Patrick’s first grade classroom but I learned from substitute teaching in my daughters’ classes that working in the same classroom as your child has some major drawbacks. Quite often, it is best if you work or volunteer in another class. With that in mind, I approached my grandson’s ex-kindergarten teacher. She was surprised that I offered to volunteer for her. She mentioned that Patrick wasn’t in her class this year. I smiled and said, “I know.”

I told her that she did such a great job with Patrick in kindergarten that volunteering for her this year was my way of giving back. She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t need to say anything.

I have been volunteering for three weeks now. I love it! I get to work with the kids in-group activities and help the teacher and her aide. I’ve made signs, put projects in cubbies, made copies, and played games. I also get to watch and learn as the teacher teaches.

So far, I have learned that the tools the schools have today have improved from what they had when my daughters were young. I have also learned that the kids are more sophisticated now than they were in kindergarten a long time ago. They know more. With that said, the kids are still kids. Some are more social than others are. That’s a given.

I look forward to my few hours in a kindergarten classroom. Probably the best gift is the smiles and waves the kids give me as I walk past them on the way to collect my grandson at the end of the school day. I also like their recognition when I walk into the class on my volunteer day. I wouldn’t miss their smiles for the world. This is going to be a great year!

Cassie Armstrong

Kindergarteners and loose teeth

Kindergarten is not only a time for learning but also a time socializing. When kids are in the lunch room or on the playground, or even standing in line waiting to go inside, they talk about the things that are important to them. Right now, they seem to be talking about loose teeth, or they are in my grandson’s kindergarten class.

This is a big deal. It ranks right up there with who is celebrating a birthday, or whose mom is having a baby. It’s like a badge they wear that separates them from the rest of the kids in the class.

Counting loose teeth seems to have taken center stage in my grandson’s kindergarten class. It became the activity of choice after Patrick’s class went on a field trip to the dentist’s office. That was a great field trip. It allowed some of the kids who have never seen a dentist the opportunity to learn first hand that dentists are nice people, not ogres. For the other kids, it provided the opportunity for them to share with the dentist the number of teeth the class has lost so far and the number of loose teeth the children in the class have right now.

This is a big deal. Kids who don’t have loose teeth are doing their best to make their teeth loose. Kids who have loose teeth are taking every opportunity to wiggle them to the oohs and ahs of their classmates. The kindergartners who have lost teeth are the heroes of the classroom. The Tooth Fairy movie, staring Dwayne Johnson, may have added to their interest.

For over a month now Patrick has been trying to make his teeth wiggle. This has become almost an obsessive daily ritual as he tries to join the elite group of kindergartners in his class.

Recently, Patrick announced that he has some loose teeth. We were a little skeptical, but we patiently listened as he told us that his loose teeth were on the bottom. He even ate apples at every opportunity to ensure that he was telling the truth.

We tried to explain to Patrick that kids lose teeth when their body tells them it’s time. That not all kindergartners will loose teeth, but he isn’t buying it.

Last week Patrick received confirmation that he is indeed telling the truth. At his six month dental check up he learned that he has four loose teeth on the bottom, not one. When he heard the news, he had to call his mom. He even shared the news with the kids in his class.

Now he wiggles his loose teeth even more than before. He finds every opportunity he can to make them a little looser. He can hardly wait until the day he looses the first tooth. When that happens, he will be shouting the news from the roof tops.

I just hope his mom manages to save the money she’ll need the tooth fairy. I don’t think she takes I O U’s.