Happy Halloween and a Few Spooktacular Quotes

The longer I have my grandchildren, the more I’m liking Halloween. <3 <3

I definitely decorate for fall a lot more than I used to; and that gets me excited about the fun, October holiday. =)




I hope you like the below quotes and pics I have to share with you today


But I love Halloween, and I love that feeling: the cold air, the spooky dangers lurking around the corner. – Evan Peters

Quote and Photo Credit: Evan Peters http://sumo.ly/xYwb via @sayingimages On Twitter and Facebook


Quote Via Brainy Quotes:

Halloween is not only about putting on a costume, but it’s about finding the imagination and costume within ourselves. Elvis Duran


Quote and Photo Via Brainy Quotes

Halloween is an opportunity to be really creative Judy Gold


Photo Via Love This Pic


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If human beings had genuine courage, they’d wear their costumes every day of the year, not just on Halloween Douglas Coupland


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A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween Erma Bombeck


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I also wanted to share a blog post back in 2011 ~~ My Grandson Was Almost 1 -1/2 yrs. Old!

Awesome Halloween With My Grandson

Happy Halloween!

Have fun ya’ll, and ABOVE ALL, please be safe!! <3

The Spooky Season: 5 Great Halloween Decoration Ideas

By Dixie Somers — Halloween is a time for tasty treats, costume parties, and frighteningly fun home decorating! This is a time to pull out all the stops when it comes to creepy creativity.

Whether you’re getting the house prepped for all the neighborhood trick-or-treaters or you’re planning a monster-mash bash, these eerie and exciting decorating tips could be just what you need for haunting Halloween ambiance!

Luminous Milk Jug Ghosts

By simply saving your empty gallon milk jugs you could be on your way to creating a glowing pathway of frightful delight. Make sure to thoroughly rinse out and dry the milk jugs. Then take a black permanent marker and draw some spooky ghost faces on one side of each of your milk jugs. Large, teardrop-shaped eyes and round mouths work great, though you could give a few ghosts a wicked grin just for fun! Make the faces large enough to be seen from the street. Then pop a lit artificial candle inside of each one to make them glow. You can use these boo-tiful luminaries to light up your walkway or porch.

Love My Grands So Much!! <3 <3

Spooktacular Lollipop Spiders

If you’re planning a kids Halloween party, these lollipop and pipe cleaner spiders may be just the right decoration. They can double as a tasty treat! Take a lollipop of any color or size. Then take three black pipe cleaners. Wind the pipe cleaners around the lollipop at the top of the stick right below the candy. Then bend the legs on each side to look like spider legs. You tie these spooky spiders around the top of treat bags or hang them from the ceiling with string.

Awesome Autumn Appliques

If you’re looking for some cute and classy designs to spruce up your home every Halloween, you could consider adding some of these adorable Autumn-inspired appliques fall-themed throws or pillows. You can store these items away and bring them out each fall to get your home looking especially festive before Halloween. There’s a variety of choices available, such as pumpkins, fall leaves, black cats, and ghosts.

Cute or Creepy Window Clings

Depending on your taste, you can purchase window clings that celebrate the fun or the frightening sides of Halloween, or perhaps a little of both.

You can purchase a wide variety of inexpensive Halloween-themed window clings. These would include everything from smiling bats and grinning jack-o-lanterns to dripping, bloody handprints. If you’d rather make your own bloody handprint window decorations, you can use red paint and school glue.

Mummy Door Décor

Take some white streamers and wrap them carefully around your door from top to bottom. Then draw a couple of spooky eyes onto white paper plates. Fasten the plates onto the door so that it looks like they’re peeking out from between the layers of white streamers. If you want a more durable mummy door, you could use white tulle fabric instead of streamers. You can even add a patch of black construction paper in the shape of a mouth if you want to get more elaborate with your mummy door decoration.

Hopefully, these ideas give you a head start on making your house look hauntingly-horrific for Halloween!

Wishing Everyone an Awesome Halloween!

Beautiful Fall Colored Leaves, Hoodies, And a Sleep In Sunday


This grandma is looking forward to Halloween with her grandkids! Here it is October 24th. Where has this year gone to!!

Sis and I slept in until 10:20 AM (yesterday – Sunday) guess we needed the sleep! Lol




There hasn’t been frost on the pumpkins yet, however, it’s coming. This has been an exceptional year weather wise. lol I’m wondering how mild our winter is going to be?


I’ve been staying with my sister while she recovers from a surgery. I love ️ making a difference in someone’s life. It does my heart good.


I’ve become a (decaf) coffee drinker again…at least until my urologist tells me otherwise. I LOVE coffee ️!!! And gotta love Denny’s!


I drink (2) bottles of water (before) drinking the coffee, and also, afterwards. I also make my coffee weak and put quite a bit of creamer in it. So far, my bladder hasn’t been affected.


I’m enjoying the color change of the leaves and the (gradual) crisp breeze in the weather! I simply love the autumn season!

My weight loss challenge…well, let’s just say, I’ve taken a hiatus from this challenge. Both eating healthy and working out.

That’s going to change very soon!!!

I don’t remember the last time I had makeup on…probably the last Avon video I made. It’s been awhile.

At least, I’m making an attempt at keeping busy blog posting.

Happy Autumn and Halloween !


Be safe this Halloween!


Deer Hunter For Halloween and Pics

Halloween Pics Of My Little Man

His favorite color is blue! lol He was a deer hunter. 🙂

Grandma’s Porch

Happy Halloween and Autumn – Prayer is Needed





I’m going to be quick today and however, leave you with one thought.


I know this is a fun day for the kiddos. And I’m extremely excited about my grandson entering my doorstep tonight. In fact, I can’t wait! LOL 🙂


However, the devastating news of the Washington/New York storms darkens many, many lives and homes. I really didn’t want to put a damper on this fun and festive day.



(For some, however I’m not a huge Halloween person)


Still I wanted to put a thought into my readers’ ears and eyes. I was watching the news last night…and that’s not something I normally do! LOL


Hello Tammy!! You Need To Watch The News Once In Awhile To See What’s Shaking!! 😮



No Pun Intended 😉 I was just in AWWW! Prayers are needed for all those people!!! 🙁


A lot of people think, this can NEVER happen to them! As with a lot of things. And I said, I’d keep this post short??! I promise. lol


If you’re reading this post, I surely hope YOU have not been affected!



I can think of 5 (online) friends just off the top of my head that I’ve been questioning and praying for.

Just one thought…PRAY for them!


Please stay safe tonight through your Halloween travels, Happy Autumn. 😉

How to make Halloween Cookies – A Delightful Video About a Grandson Making Cookies With His Grandmother





Picture Shared From http://www.pumpkinpatchesandmore.org/ 😉

I received a lovely email message a couple of weeks ago about an awesome video featuring a grandson making cookies with his grandmother. This young man -Alex Aiono; also gave me a great compliment about my blog here 🙂

I just wanted to share this sweet video with you all! (Includes Recipe as Well)

Quoted From Alex:

So for my first Halloween tradition, I made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies with my sassy Grandma! Be sure to comment below with your Halloween traditions for me to try out!

Please Note: Don’t comment here on the blog, however, on the site of the actual video.  😉

Thanks for watching! And be sure and check out his other videos!

Check It Out HERE And Enjoy!

Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Grandson or Granddaughter – Guest Post

I thought these Halloween costumes were awesome ideas! And a great post by Danielle at eatbreatheblog.com.

Halloween is literally just days away. Sure, you can buy your grandson an elaborate Halloween costume, but it may be more memorable to make the outfit yourself. If your grandson or granddaughter will be with you this Halloween, why not help by creating a winning costume? Many of these ideas just take a tiny bit of effort and time, and are much more affordable and memorable than anything you could buy.


This stoplight costume is adorable, and so simple to make. With a few pieces of cardboard, some ribbon and a black sweat suit, you can turn your grandson into an adorable traffic light. Just be sure that he isn’t holding up the cars as you trick or treat!

stop light halloween costume

Fall Tree

Dress your grandson up like a fall tree with this cleaver idea. A big hat, brown sweat suit and some autumn leaf garland from the craft store make an adorable boys Halloween costume. Glue everything in place and you are ready to go!

LECC Halloween Party 2010


Check out this robot! A cardboard box and some duct tape never looked so good. Your grandson will be the talk of the neighborhood when he goes out like this!

Halloween 2008

Flower Pot

If you can find a lightweight flower pot that your little granddaughter can stand in, then you can create this flowerpot costume quite easily. Have your spouse carve out the bottom and sand the edges so she can stand in it. Add a headband, some felt and some suspenders round out the costume. For just a little bit of money, she can have something adorable and unique to wear this Halloween.


Fairy/Princess Tutu

Tutus are one of the easiest, and most adorable, costumes to make for a little girl. A little bit of elastic and some colorful tulle can easily transform into a ballerina, fairy or princess. You don’t even have to know how to sew, because all you do is look strips of tulle around the elastic, tie them off and you have a tutu. Add a matching top or onsie and some tights and the costume is complete.

No Sew Tutu

Cardboard Pony and Cowgirl

If your granddaughter is obsessed with horses — and what little girl isn’t — why not make her into one? This cute pony from Kid’s Stuff World is a great idea. You can make this a dual costume by dressing up like a cowgirl yourself and wrangling your little one!


Tug Boat and Captain

Does your grandson love boats and ships? Why not make him this little tugboat, and then complement the costume by dressing as a ship’s captain, complete with sailor hat and sash? Or, turn the ship into a pirate ship, and make your own captain hook!


This year, your grandchild can have a memorable costume if you are willing to put in a little time. so grab your glue gun, scissors and a cardboard box and get to work!

Danielle, who blogs on behalf of Sears and other prestigious brands, enjoys coming up with creative boys Halloween costume ideas each Halloween to try on her nephews. Read her work at eatbreatheblog.com.

Awesome Halloween With My Grandson!

I was so excited as I fixed up the big Halloween bowl for my little guy 🙂

It was about 4:45 and my doorbell rang. I knew my Daughter-In-Law was bringing my grandson by for Halloween. 😉

I opened the door and there he was by himself in a tiger outfit…sooo cute!!! LOL My DIL hid to the side so all I would see when I opened the door was him.

I literally could not compose myself from laughter! He was so darn cute 🙂

Here are the photos…Enjoy! 🙂

A Close Up

Yes, he still has a binkie! lol

Fall and Halloween Activities You Can Do With Your Grandchildren

This article can apply to parents as well of course 😉

The fall season and Halloween offers so many fun things to do with your grandbabies (of all ages). You will have fun doing any of the following below. The idea here is to spend quality time with your little ones, big ones, and all the ones in between.

When your grandchildren grow up, you may not get the chance to spend time with them anymore. Some kids no longer desire to be with Grandma so much after they’ve grown up. And yet, some do. You’re a lucky grandma if your grandchildren are grown and they still want to spend lots of time with you. 😉 Enjoy them!

Fall Activities

* Plant Fall Mums In The Garden

Fall mums have a effortless knack of gracing flower beds with an ambiance of a healthy glow of warm colors of gold, yellow, purple, and reds. Somehow, this floral mixture of warmth around a home boldly states “welcome” and your grand young ones will take pleasure with helping you plant them. And the best part about these delightful gems…they come up year after year IF they’re properly cared for and no harsh frost bites them.

* Apple Picking Time

I remember going to the orchards when I was a little girl. Picking apples was so much fun. I distinctly remember going on a field trip with my class from school. We all got to pick which apples we wanted. And you know what we did when we got back to the school? We candied them. DUH?! lol The field trip was relatively early in the morning so we’d have plenty of time. Do this with your grandkids. They will definitely have fond memories for a life time.

* Rake Leaves

I really can’t remember the last time I raked leaves. It’s been quite awhile! LOL. However, I do remember one of the first times I did this. It was with my dad. 🙂 It was one of the best memories that I have with him. I also remember all the tied black bags. lol Create a memory with your grandson or granddaughter and rake leaves. 🙂 You will also be teaching them a bit about responsibility and work. And hot chocolate will add a nice touch after the leaves are raked. 🙂

Halloween Activities

* Pumpkin Carving

Now of course the first activity that comes to mind is pumpkin carving. Every child deserves the pleasure of the oldest Halloween tradition known to man. The scraping of the seeds, and cleaning the pumpkin out completely to get it ready for what?? Well, a candle of course!

When you carve a pumpkin and place a candle in it, then it’s called a Jack O’Lantern. 😉 Get it? The lantern resembles a form of light. That’s why we place a candle in the pumpkin. Granny figured this part out all on her own. he-he! 😉 Try and be creative with yours Grandma and carve something not so traditional. Look up pumpkin carving online and see what you can find.

You can also choose not to carve and paint instead. 🙂 Or…you can do a little of both. The latter sounds like a winner. 🙂

* Front Yard Decorating

Creativity is key with Halloween yard decor. You can be as scary as you like…depending on the age of your grandchildren of course. A lot of adults really enjoy this activity. In fact, some of them don’t leave any stones unturned and bring music into the spooky scenes. (Get it? R.I.P. stones unturned) lol – I just crack myself up! You can add the skeletons and the whole bit. And Grandma, don’t forget the spiders!😉

* Handmade Costumes

Now I don’t care who you are…this is every Granny’s fantasy; To be able to sew their grandbaby’s Halloween costume! Unless sewing is just isn’t your bag?? 😉 This leaves Grandma in charge to make the costume as creative as possible. Now really…this activity is more Granny’s bag than grandchild. However, it will be an awesome memory, especially if Granny (Boo-Boos) and messes it all up. And shame on you Grandma if you do! 😛

A few pumpkin carving websites below, just in case you really want to get creative 😉 lol


Seriously, I hope you all have an awesome Halloween with your little ones! I’d love it if a few of my guest bloggers would share their experiences. Would be spooktacular cool! 🙂

Above all else…be safe!

Grandma/Grandchild Halloween Costume Ideas – Guest Post

Halloween is a great time for people to be as creative as their imaginations will allow. Costume ideas run the gamut of silly, historical, literary, and more. When it comes time for you to take your grandchild (or grandchildren) trick-or-treating or to a costume party, here are some ideas that might just help you win a contest or two.

Cruella de Vil and a Dalmatian puppy

Inspired by 101 Dalmatians, consider dressing up as the famous villain and one of the puppies who manage to escape her grasp. You’ll need:

* A black dress – any style

* A wrap or cloak – the original character wears a floor-length fur coat, which is the perfect choice if you have access to such an item or can find something similar at a thrift store. You can also go with any kind of plush wrap, ideally in white

* Black-and-white wig (accomplish this look by parting hair and spray painting with colored hair spray, widely available at costume stores or in the Halloween aisle at your favorite retailer)

* Red elbow-length gloves

Outfit your “puppy” in a dog costume or mix-and-match a polka-dot outfit, making sure to add a little smudge of black paint on the nose, as well as a tail.

Flo from Progressive Insurance and an insurance seeker

Capitalizing on popular television commercials, you might dress as Flo, the cheery representative from Progressive Insurance. You’ll need:

* An all-white outfit

* Sneakers

* White apron on which you can write or paste a sign with “Progressive”

* Headband

Dress the insurance seeker however you want, simply making sure they have a toy car to drive. You might also affix Hot Wheel cars to a T-shirt and call the costume “rush-hour traffic.”

Picture taken by Rob Speed

Role reversal

A fun idea is to have Grandma and Grandchild switch places. You’ll need:

* An oversized handbag
* Apron
* A house dress
* Grey hair – a wig or hair that is treated with colored hair spray, or lightly coated with hairspray and then dusted with baby powder or flour
* Oversized bra that can be stuffed with padding for comic effect
* Orthopedic shoes or slippers (keeping in mind that late fall can bring inclement weather)
* Fake glasses on a chain (or add a chain to glasses you already wear to turn them into a prop)
* Knee-high stockings that are purposely visible
* Additional props like a cane, shawl, or an assortment of hard candy that “Grandma” can hand out to passerby


* Put hair in pigtails
* Carry a blankie or stuffed animal
* Wear pajamas and slippers in a whimsical design similar to a child’s sleep attire

Ideas abound for costumes, many of which can be put together with items you likely already have around the house. Don’t forget to visit yard sales, thrift and consignment stores for clothes and props whose costs won’t break the bank. Above all, have fun! 🙂

Danielle is a master of creative costume designs. She once decorated her disabled friend’s handicap van as The Mystery Machine and she and the rest of her crew dressed as Scooby Doo characters.