Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Coping with Unexpected Baldness

For women and Grandma’s in particular, sudden hair loss can be a source of considerable anxiety. It’s common in men, but just isn’t expected by a lady who’s gone through most of her life with a fine head of hair. But it happens to women as they age in all ethnicities and every walk of life. Instead of fixating on the problem or feeling like a victim, modern women have a number of solutions to for coping with the problem. <3

Causes and Compassion

Unexpected female hair loss can be caused by any combination of factors. This can include genetics, high stress levels, dietary changes, medications, illnesses like lupus or cancer, menopause, and hypothyroid problems. One way to cope with the distress is to talk it through with friends or loved ones. You could even find support groups and sympathetic ears through social media by enquiring at your local hair pharmacy, or a salon like Detour Salon & Detour The Store. The important thing is that you find a channel for venting your emotions and gaining support and acceptance.

Natural Stress Relief

There are natural ways to cope with the anxiety and encourage new hair growth. If you’re suffering from an illness or even high stress, you should see a professional to treat the underlying problem first. Some forms of hair loss are reversible and some are not. You should at the least embark on a program of stress-relief. Take some time during the day to meditate, enjoy a cup of chamomile or green tea, or just cuddle with a pet. A little exercise is also a great help. You might also consider a range of dietary supplements, thought to support a healthy scalp. 😉

Alternative Treatments

Consider products such as Propecia or Rogaine. Minoxidil, for example, is specifically made for women. There are also products called anti-sebolytic scalp treatments to clean and revitalize hair follicles. Scalp massagers and both over-the-counter and prescription shampoos created to treat thinning hair are available. Other alternatives include hair plugs, hair transplants, and similar remedies that work for women as well as men. Consult a dermatologist to see what other options might be helpful for your personal circumstances.

Hair Styling Salons

Check with your hairstyling salon and ask for suggestions. The right hair style, even if it’s a little peculiar, can cover or distract from bald patches. They may also be able to apply new solutions like shake-in fibers or powders that seem to thicken hair or re-color patches of exposed scalp. You could ask about weaves, wigs, or even consider wearing a trendy hat when out in public. Most reputable hair salons will have experience with hair loss solutions.

There are both long and short-term solutions to coping with hair loss, both emotionally and physically, but it’s a common problem. Help is available.

Parnevu Shining Gel Review – A Gotta Have Product!





Hair Care Products for Healthy Hair


I was inspired to try the shining gel, and also delighted to be able to do a review for this particular product. 😉





I have dry hair, and that’s due to coloring it like I have throughout most of my adult life and I’m 51 years of age. I’m not that vain about letting folks know that I have a full head of a natural color of grey! Yes, it’s true. So I do take measures to keep the grey away; sometimes to the extreme. I’ve had my hair very dark brown, (close to black and my current color), blonde, light brown, and auburn brown. I’ve only bleached my hair once though. However, you get the idea of WHY my hair is so brittle and dry.

I have tried the Biolage hair care line and really liked how it softens my hair and the scent is fabulous.

However, this post is NOT about Biolage NOR how many colors I’ve used on my hair, I promise you! 😉 lol



At first glance after opening the jar, I’ll be honest, I was hesitant about using it. Although, I DID notice the pleasant citrusy aroma to it. It smells awesome! I also liked the texture of it while rubbing the gel across my fingers.

So I jumped in the shower and washed my hair, ahh, a shower ALWAYS makes me feel like a new person! 🙂 I was extremely excited about this new product!



After towel drying my hair thoroughly and brushing it through, I applied the Parnevu Shining Gel. The product went on my hair so silky smooth. And after rubbing it in for a few minutes, I noticed the brilliant shine right away! I also noticed the great manageability my hair had, my fingers laced through my hair effortlessly. Awesome! 🙂


However, there is one more thing that I didn’t expect, and that was I had body and I could just scrunch and finger my hair into a nice style. I DID NOT have to use a curling iron on my hair like usual. This is some nice stuff!! Love it, love it.


And YOU too need to try it if you have dry hair!


Here is what you get with the shining gel:

* Incredible Shine
* Incredible Body and Control
* Incredible Management
* Incredible Conditioning
* Incredible Citrusy Scent


Parnevu also has other one-of-a-kind products such as: T-Tree Break Control, T-Tree Growth Creme and many others.


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