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* Introduction 4
* Getting Back to the “Basics” of Life 4
* The Slow Movement: What Is It? 6
* Tips for Raising a Natural Child 7
* All About Educational Toys 9
* Children and Free Play: Is It Important? 11
* How to Teach Children to Respect the World They Live In 13
* Changing How You Discipline 15
* Nature Deficit Disorder 17
* Reduce Household Consumerism 18
* Embracing Freeganism 20




Awesome tips on how you can get back to the basics and begin enjoying the simpler things in life once again!

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4 Frugal Ideas For Fun Time With The Grandkids – Guest Post



When we have several hours or days to spend with our lovely grandkids, we often want to make the most of this bonding time by going on outings to restaurants, theme parks, vacations, and more. Nonetheless, these outings can sometime start to be fairly costly. The great part about spending time with your grandkids is that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot (or even any) money in order to have fun. If you are scratching your head, thinking of different ways to keep the kiddos entertained without breaking the bank, here are a few places to start:


Have a picnic at the park.

The best thing about visiting parks is that they are always a great free way to enjoy the nature that we so rarely experience in our urban-dominated world. It’s also fun to prepare a picnic with young children. Get creative about the homemade sandwiches and snacks you bring, and go all out with a checkered blanket and old-fashioned picnic basket (which you can find online or at a local antique store). Don’t forget to bring some stale bread for the ducks! 😉


Look up museums in your area.

Many museums are free to the public, and almost all have at the very least a discount for students and seniors. Check local listings to see new exhibitions opening in museums in your area. Natural science museums are especially fun for young kids, who tend to be interested in dinosaurs and other animals.


Set up a game night.

When I was a young girl, the fondest memories I had spending time with my grandmother was playing various games, like Scrabble, dominoes, cards, Monopoly, and Clue. If you don’t feel like have an afternoon or evening out, board and card games are a great way to keep the little ones entertained for several hours doing something that involves both brain power and personal interaction.


Work on an art or other creative project together.

Even if you aren’t a particularly artsy person, consider working on a collaborative project with your grandkids, like 1000+ piece puzzles or Lego sets. Anything that involves time and creativity, even cooking, can be an interesting, exciting, and frugal way of spending quality time with the grandkids.


Of course, this is just short list of ideas to get you started. The most important thing to remember is that spending quality time with the grandkids means truly engaging with them. And most activities that require emotional engagement don’t require much money at all. Good luck!


About The Author

Jemima Lopez is a freelance blogger and writer who writes for Zen College Life, the directory of higher education, distance learning, and best online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email: lopezjemima 562@

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Instructions On Being A Fun Grandma

I worry about that word “fun” A LOT, am I doing it right? lol 😉

Why do I worry about this?? Well, my grandchild gets bored very easy! I mean VERY easy. :/ He’s inquisitive, too intelligent for us grandparents, (I guess that’s how they come these days), and he takes pride in letting us know that he’s in charge. LOL! So, keeping our little guy occupied is quite challenging.

The toys we have here at Grandma’s house are yesterday’s news, that is most of the time. He’d much rather play with a box, an old magazine, a tag on a piece of clothing, or Grandma’s already folded laundry. I guess we need to update and get some new toys. 😉 LOL

He giggles to himself as he takes my folded laundry and tosses it back into the basket, piece by piece. I just mumble to myself, “You little s***.” And you know what he does with that comment? He laughs, and not quietly! He hasn’t mastered that comment, (or I should say word) yet, but it won’t be long. 😉

Instructions on being a fun grandma? I do have a few…

There really isn’t those specific instructions in a book per se, at least I haven’t found them yet. lol However below I’ve included a few tips. Perhaps you other Grandmothers out there share the same with your grandchildren. And IF you have additional tips, PLEASE send them my way!! 🙂

* Dance around and act silly – I do a lot of this lately. This would be something that my grandchild would watch on video and snicker at when he gets older. Did I say “snicker?” Hmm, I meant ROTFLMAO!!

* Play the pick up game – This is where he tests me. He plays the pick up game mostly while in his high chair eating a snack or lunch. See, I have to bribe him with a ton of toys on the tray just so he don’t freak out when I put him in the chair. So, what does he do with these toys Grandma bribes him with? You guessed it, he drops those yesterday’s news toys on the floor and fusses (just a little, not loud fussing) to see if I’ll pick them up. Of course Grandma hesitantly picks the toys up after specifically telling him “I’m NOT picking those up!” As long as I play the pick up game with him, he’s having fun, and of course I’m being a fun grandma, maybe not a smart one, however a fun one. LOL

* Play Peek-a-boo – All babies love peek-a-boo! I have lots of fun with this one, as I get him giggling loud. I use cloth diapers that I place over my head and face. And he just loves it. 🙂 These are the same diapers I used for spit up rags.

* Sing Christmas songs – Who would have thunk it? Singing Christmas songs is being a “fun” grandma. Especially Jingle Bells. You know the lyrics…”Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh, or the fields we go, laughing all the way.” (And I HAVE to LOL hard after that last line) This gets him smiling and laughing. When I start out with that first line;” Dashing through the snow,” he knows what’s coming and he grins real big. Again, FUN Grandma! lol

* Getting down on the floor – All kids love it when you get on the floor with them. And guess what?? Dada has taught my grandchild to hit and to pull hair. So, being the fun Grandmother that I am gets down on the floor and lets him hit me and pull my hair. What us Grandmothers won’t do for our grandchildren?! * snicker..snicker *

These 5 activities I guess is being a “fun” Grandmother, at least it’s working so far. But you know what? All kidding aside…I can’t wait until my little guy can say, “You are the best grandma ever!” 🙂