He Calls Me Amma! :)



Awww, so cute. My grandson is talking away now. I sure wish I had $1 every time he has said “Dadda!” LOL  He’s always wanting Daddy. 🙂


However, he calls me Amma now. Isn’t that sweet??!! I love it. =)



You know what he does now? lol


When he’s at the house, he will hide behind our couch and then calls out “Amma”  so I can “go find him” of course!!



Daddy has been playing Hide and Seek with him.  He’s such an awesome dad. =)


When Daddy was in his early teens, Amma sure wondered exactly how he would be as an adult. Hmm, was there ever any question???? LOL


YES!! I just have to admit that!! ANOTHER LOL…



I guess we all go through it, and it’s just human nature to wonder. 😉


Here are a couple of pics I wanted to share below























So Who Decides?

When I was about to be a Grandma for the first time one the first questions (of course the 1st question is she having a boy or a girl) was what are you going to have your grandchild call you. Well I thought it was a silly question and one I never really gave any thought to, it just seemed logical I would be called Grandma. Well was I wrong LOL!

During Caleb’s first years I was always referred to as Grandma to Caleb, but when Caleb started to talk Grandma took a whole different direction. For some reason he started to call me Pom, yep Pom. So I was alright with that, if that was what he wanted to call me so be it. Every time he would talk to me “Hey Pom”, “Pom, come here” we would all chuckle and ask each other where in the world did he get Pom from. It was not until my daughter was on the phone with me one day and said “Hi Mom”, that Caleb insisted he talk to “Pom” that was when the light went on, he for some reason thinks I am Mom only with a P.

Well Caleb has now turned 3 and out of the blue Pom has now gone to Grandma, don’t know why, but now it’s “Hey Grandma, “Grandma come here” etc. and even when we talk on the phone he calls me Grandma. Now his Grandfather has always been Pop Pop and that just seems to stick with him, Caleb has always called him Pop Pop and I don’t see that changing and Pop Pop loves his name.

So I ask, who decides, it is a family decision or is it the Grand Child’s decision?