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I was invited to do a personal review of this charming website for personalized gifts. They have a generous supply of personalized religious items. I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. To be honest, I fell in love with the site. They house everything from personalized picture frames, teddy bears, crosses to Bibles.


I was so delighted and fascinated with these exquisite items. I don’t have to visit a Hallmark store, or other gift store! I can relax and conveniently shop for items I can purchase for my grandchildren all from this one website.


And what a perfect time! We’re expecting our second grandchild in May. What perfect choices for our baby’s Baptism that will be coming up! I won’t have to wonder what to buy. In fact, I know exactly what I’m going to purchase. 😉




Below are just a few of the items displayed on the site



baby photo block


What grandparent would NOT love all these items?! How extraordinarily awesome.

I also found the items reasonably priced

Also See Coupons Available Here.

Do you have a first communion or baptism coming up? Hop on over to Personal Creations. They have everything you need regarding gift ideas.

Personal Creations also has special gifts For Her and For Him, for the home, and also a Clearance section. Be sure and get full details by visiting.



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Easy Gift Ideas For Expectant Mothers Guest Post




Making baby gifts out of yarn for the expectant mother in your life is a great way to be creative and save money. Lending your personal touch to a present for a newborn makes the item that much more special and meaningful. Gift ideas, such as baby blankets or washcloths, are easy to make, even for those who are new to knitting or crocheting. Try your hand at a baby hat or booties and see the mom-to-be in your life light up when she opens such a thoughtful gift.

No matter what gift you decide to make, use machine washable yarn in cotton or wool to make things a bit easier on your gift recipient when it comes time for laundry. No busy mother will want to have to set aside your gift because it needs to be hand washed or otherwise treated with special attention. Being able to throw a blanket in with the rest of the wash will improve its usability and help keep a new mother’s stress lower, whether or not she’s new to motherhood.Blankets are a great gift because you don’t need to worry about babies outgrowing them as quickly as rompers or onesies. Best of all, novice crafters will essentially be knitting or crocheting a large square, which is fairly easy to do. Knit in a selection of soothing colors like pale green and yellow, pink and blue for traditionalists, or black and white patterns, which are most visually stimulating to a baby because of their sharp contrast to one another.

A mom can never have too many washcloths with a newborn around. They can be used as bibs, spit-up cloths, for baths, or any other spills that are likely to occur. Knitting or crocheting a small selection of washcloths is a good start for the mom-to-be in your life. A stack of handmade washcloths bundled together with ribbon will make a delightful shower gift guaranteed to elicit oohs and ahhs.

Booties are great for keeping newborn toes warm and are a project that can be completed in one evening. Pattern ideas abound, from simple one-color booties to more fanciful patterns that mimic tennis shoes, like Converse booties The gift serves as a nice alternative to socks and makes a great gift for any mom-to-be.

Knitting or crocheting baby hats is also an extremely useful gift, whether the mom in question is bringing baby home from the hospital or keeping a newborn warm in a chilly house. Baby hats are a great place to express your creativity – add bows or fanciful design elements like ears when making animal hats, like lambs or bears. There is no limit to the cute when it comes to baby hats!

Putting your time and effort into a handmade gift will surely put a smile on a mom-to-be’s face and will make for great photo opportunities. Just imagine that carefully-crafted blanket or pair of booties making an appearance on a Facebook page, inspiring other crafters looking for gift ideas, and, of course, making that new baby even cuter.

About The Author

Danielle has been making baby gifts like blankets and booties for her mommy-to-be friends ever since she learned how to knit eight years ago on one of her annual family vacations. Her next goal is to start making baby sweaters.

3 Craft Ideas Grandparents Can Give To Their Graduating Grandkids – Guest Post

As a grandparent, there’s nothing better than to see your grandchild all grown up and graduating from school. It’s a memorable time for the whole family. To celebrate this special occasion, try giving your grandchild a handmade graduation gift.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on graduation gifts. In fact, with a little creativity, you can make your grandchild the perfect gift. It can be functional, memorable and fit perfectly into his or her personality. Here are three easy, homemade, graduation gift ideas.











Gift #1: Memory or Career Charm Bracelet

Let her know how proud you are that she’s chosen a specific professional career to pursue. Give her a charm bracelet that has charms shaped as instruments, tools or other items that represent her future career. Is your graduate going to become a veterinarian, animal biologist or horticulturist? Place different animal and flower charms on the bracelet. Or place representations of tools on the bracelet as the instruments that the grandchild will use in her future profession, such as:

· Stethoscopes, microscopes or scalpels for the future doctor

· Textbooks, rulers, pens and desks for the future teacher

· Saws, hammers, drills and wrenches for a future carpenter

You can also decorate the bracelet with little memory charms that highlight your grandchildren’s accomplishments throughout her life. Attach award symbols if she won any special contests, sports charms for her outdoor activities or musical instruments if she was involved with band. Anything that was a happy memory for your granddaughter could be placed as a charm on the bracelet.

Gift #2: Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are popular with everyone, and you can place things in them your grandchildren will love. Make a “Grandmother’s Home Cooking” gift basket filled with homemade cookies, jelly preserves and slices of their favorite breads or cakes. Include a recipe book they can use to make their favorite foods so they can continue to have a taste of grandma’s delicious home cooking even when they’re away at college.

You can also make gift baskets based on their profession. Fill a gift basket with a toothbrush, toothpaste, drill and dental mirror for your grandchild if he or she plans to become a dentist. Or place a socket wrench, lube gun, oil pan and screwdriver in the basket if your graduate plans on becoming an auto mechanic.

Gift #3: Scrapbooks

When your grandchildren graduate, they will be leaving behind friends, people and town events they loved as they head off to college. Don’t let them forget home. Create scrapbooks with photos of favorite hang-out spots, best friends and family events they may miss out on while taking classes. Decorate the outside of scrapbooks with stickers and craft items of the old school and new college emblems, the studied profession and other things that symbolize the new life ahead.

Handcrafted Items Shows Them your Love

Grandchildren will love gifts you took time and effort to make. They’ll cherish the memories and be proud of their chosen profession. Your graduation craft gifts will be a part of their lives and hearts forever.

Danielle, who blogs on behalf of Sears and other prestigious brands, recently helped create an auto mechanic’s graduation gift basket containing a torque wrench, grease gun, tire pressure gauge, and channel-lock pliers. And lots of duct tape. Read her work at

Spiecal Gift For My GrandKid’s

Today I wanted to share a great birthday gift idea my husband and I had for our Grandkid’s Caleb and Bailey. I love to paint and love to give painted gifts and with being a Grandparent I have become very nostalgic and love to give my children and grandchild gifts that will become heirlooms to always remember us by. For Caleb’s 2nd birthday and Bailey’s 1st birthday the big decision had to be made, what would be a great gift for my little darlings.

I knew the gift would have to be painted, because that’s what I love to do and it had to be wooden because that’s what Pop Pop does (Caleb and Bailey call there Grandpa Pop Pop), my husband is a cabinet maker. I decided that I wanted to paint each of them a wooden chair that they would be able to use everyday, for reading, sitting and coloring or watching TV. I had a pattern for a wooden chair that I paint already but it is converted to hold a flower pot. I spoke to my husband to see what he thought and being a cabinet maker he immediately said the back was to straight and would not be a comfortable, so we went to the choice of Adirondack chairs for them, they would not only be comfortable, but the kids would grow into them and use them for several years. So my husband went to work on constructing the chairs for the kids and then I painted them. Baileys of course had to be girly girl so I went with a butterfly theme and Caleb loves the outdoors so why not a fishing theme.

Well the chairs were a big hit with the kids and they still love to this day, even though sometimes they are used as time out chairs.