Outdoor Summer Time Fun With Grandkids and Work Outs For Grandma


Before technology was attached to the hip of just about every child or grandchild, playing outdoors was the thing to do to get in some exercise time with your little ones. The word, “tablet” was labeled as a simple pad of paper that you wrote in with a pen or pencil.



Technology has literally taken the place of active playing with the kiddos; making it difficult to keep them active and in good shape. Sure, technology today is excellent for learning and keeping up with your child’s studies in school or looking up just the right element for teaching your kids various things.

However, today’s society is concerned about a generation of grandchildren/children becoming obese. Tech tablets, iPhones and laptops have taken over. Although, there are excellent ways to keep them moving and away from all the tech stuff, (at least a good portion of the time).

Getting Your Grandchildren Outdoors Is Key!

One Dozen Summer Fun Ideas

* Outside Workout Routine – Summertime is a good time for this activity. Pick either the early morning or late evening hours to beat the heat. Try and make the routines fun for the kiddos and YOU as well. Maybe watch some videos/youtubes to get a few ideas flowing for the outdoors.

* Trip To The Park – Walking, running and playing are all excellent activities at the park. I see a lot of moms and grandparents walking with strollers. However, that’s not all there is to do at the park. There are usually slides, swings and teeter-totters for the kids to play on too. These are fun activities for grandparents to stay active. Most often, it’s a good workout just chasing and keeping up with them!

* Find Hidden Objects – Scavenger Hunt – This is an all-time favorite for many kids. Grandparents can have some fun with this. You can offer a small dollar amount for the child that finds the most objects. However, there are other rewards you can offer as well. Maybe make them a favorite food or dessert. You can also take the kids on a special outing.

* Walking – If you are caring for three to six month year olds and toddler age grandchildren, always have a stroller on hand and take them walking with you. This will give you an incentive for walking outdoors. Also, it’s always encouraged to walk as a family. The ideal time for this is in the evenings.

* Swimming – This is an all-time favorite among the kiddos during the hot summer months. I know this Grandma loves the pool. Get them out with you for some fun; although, safety is number one while swimming with kids. Life jackets, noodles, and innertubes are musts for safety.

* Hula Hooping – Tell me you haven’t heard of the hula hoop! lol 🙂 This type of activity would, of course, be for the older grandchildren in your family. A lot of folks call hula hooping “hula dancing.” Work up some fun moves with the hoops. A good idea would be to watch a few youtubes on this fun activity.

* Back Yard Ball Games – What child doesn’t enjoy ballgames? I know my grandkids LOVES playing ball outside. Be a “cool Grandma” and get outside and play ballgames they enjoy. Softball, kickball, soccer or just ball rolling are all great for extra activity.

* Frisbee – Frisbee has been a fun past time for years. However, for the younger kiddos, special attention would have to be practiced for safety. It would be easier and safer to work with (smaller than average) frisbees. 🙂

* Water Balloon Fun – This activity is great for the very hot summer days. Water balloons entice laughter while cooling the young ones off, (and you too Grandma) while having lots of fun. Water balloons are sure to please the kids and grown ups of all ages.

* Jump Roping – Playing jump rope doesn’t have to be just for the girls, although, for the majority, more girls like this activity more than boys. Grandparents need to be in fair shape to participate. (Grandma), if you workout to begin with, of course, you won’t have any problems keeping up. 🙂

* Trip To The Zoo – Going to the zoo is always a workout with children along. Make walking fun by visiting your grandchildren’s favorite animals. Pack some fun lunches and let them help you with making their lunch. Find an area with shade to sit down and eat; most often, there are picnic tables all over the zoo park. A trip to the zoo will be fun for sharing special moments and picture taking to remember for always.


* Gardening – Most Grandmoms love to garden, and chances are your grandkids would love to help out. Purchase flowers that are vivid in color to make the flower beds colorful and bright. Try and get them active with you by making gardening gloves and T-shirts just for them. Be as creative as you like. The more creative, the better to entice your little ones to join in. 🙂

The whole idea for this blog post is for getting grandkids and grandparents together for some fun summer activities that will become nice memories. Let’s face it, playing outdoors is a far better option than sitting inside and playing computer games or phone texting.


How Grandparents and Grandchildren can bond with a Scooby Doo Sleepover


Every grandparent loves spending time with their grandchild. However, if your grandchildren are spending an entire night with you, you are going to need some fun activities that can keep all of your entertained and help promoting bonding to further build your relationships. Here are a few fun Scooby Doo themed games you can all play to have a fun filled night, learn more about each other and get your grandkids excited about the next sleepover at your house.

Scooby Snacks

Every grandchild, grandparent, and talking dog loves snacks. To stay in line with the night’s Scooby Doo theme, and to help keep everyone energized, happy and going throughout the night, you can cook Scooby Snacks. You can make Scooby Snacks by mixing up your favorite cookie dough. Carefully roll out cookie dough. You can use cookie cutter shapes like bones, diamonds (which is the same shape as Scooby’s dog tag), or even Great Dane shaped ones that you can decorate to look like Scooby. Before stamping each cookie, coat the cutter in flour so the dough doesn’t stick to the cutters. Now bake your cookies like you normally would, let them cool and add all of your favorite icings, candies and designs to have the perfect Scooby Snacks.
To make cookies that look like Scooby Doo, have a picture of him and one of his collar ready for your grandchildren to look at. You can use black frosting for the spots and a thin line of blue frosting or candies around the cookie dog’s neck to make it look like Scooby’s collar. With the other shapes, your grandchild can use other colors of frosting, sprinkles or any other edible treats to make their Scooby Snacks look just how they want.

Scooby Doo Scavenger Hunt

With a Scooby Doo Scavenger Hunt, your grandchildren can have an amazing time pretending that they are starring in their own episode of Scooby Doo. This scavenger hunt will probably be different than other ones that your grandchildren are used to because on some questions there will be multiple choices. To set up the game, create 10 clues, but on the third and seventh ones, there will be two answers. One of these will continue onward in the game, the other one will lead to a monster! For example, on the third one your clue could be:
“To find the next hint, you will have to search high and low in the place where things go to get cleaned.”
Then two answers could be in or under a bathtub, and by the hose outside because that is where you would clean a car, hose off a dog, or muddy grandchildren as they come back to your house. If they go to a wrong place, they get a drawing of a monster.

An example of something you could use for the seventh clue is:

“The villain is always hungry and searching for snacks; think of possibilities of where you think he found his last snack.
Then the eighth clue could be in your pantry, and there could be a monster on the shelf in your refrigerator
You could split into teams with grandchildren or grandparents, or just one grandchild vs. one grandparent. The monsters mean that the one team is out of the game, but if everyone gets a monster, then they can all start with the clue they were on and play through. If this is just for one grandchild, then they can start from the beginning and try to solve it differently when they encounter a monster. When someone wins, they can receive a reward like an extra Scooby Snack! Just make sure that if you are playing with young children, you don’t have any appliances running that could hurt them; for example, don’t send them looking around the kitchen if your oven is still hot from backing cookies, or into the laundry room if your washing machine is running.


By now your grandchild should be fully in the Scooby Doo spirit. This would be a great time to share a gift with them, like a matching set of Scooby Doo pajamas that they can change into to fall asleep during the movie. Once everyone is comfortable, you can sit back and relax with the Scooby Doo movie. If you have Comcast as your TV provider, you can usually find one for free. If not, you can get it from somewhere like Amazon or Target for under $10. Now you and your grandchild can bond together and when they wear their pajamas they will remember the fun night at your house and be able to enjoy watching Scooby even more.

While spending time with your grandchildren is great, the idea of them staying over for the entire night can be daunting. Fortunately, by creating a fun themed night, you can help make their sleepover a memorable one full of mysteries, tasty treats and a fun movie. Themes like Scooby Doo can help grandparents and grandchildren bond and get them excited for another sleepover at your house.

About The Author

Ryan enjoys discovering ways to help parents and grandparents bond with their children, finding the perfect Scooby Doo Pajamas and kids robes to give as presents to his nieces and nephew, canoeing and skateboarding.