Moms and Grandmothers, Free Printables Report For Grocery Spending Habits and More

Menu Planning CentralDo you experience this?…

You intend to go to the grocery store to buy just a few items….There’s not even 10 grocery items listed. So, you go through the check out line and find you spent $50 or more!  The prices are surely getting out of hand. And it’s definitely NOT going to get any better! It’s way beyond ridiculous. 🙁

* You do all the right things, make a list, and also DON’T forget it.
* You don’t go to the grocery store hungry lol
* You are smart and clip coupons
* You don’t bring your kids along (studies have shown you DO spend more money when your kids are along)

I wanted to let you Moms and Grandmothers in on something that has been a life saver for me!

I found something that’s made my grocery spending experiences so much easier, and NOW I truly like going shopping for food a lot more than I used to for sure!


Here is what I’ve found…

* How to save $100’s of dollars on your food bill every month! Printable Menu Plans and Grocery Shopping Lists


* Some Menu Planning Basics Report and Convenient Printable Resources — Free Report. You can’t go wrong with FREE!


* Menu Planning Printables, Report, and Menus 🙂


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Free Report – How to Leap the Generation Gap

Introducing – Granny Guru!
And Presenting:

How to Leap the Generation Gap: 58 Reasons Child-Rearing Is Different Today

Granny-Guru Remembers:

In My Day…



After becoming Grandma, I was totally surprised at how everything has changed since I raised my son back in the 80’s.

My son and daughter-in-law said, “Now you do this Mom.”


“They don’t do that anymore Mom!”

I just say, “You turned out perfectly fine, and I’m proud of it!” lol

Free Report! — Use these old and new practices as a starting point for conversations between generations.

Generation Leap Report–Granny Guru

Also look for their book…

40 interviews with mothers and grandmothers on how to raise children, Who Gets to Name Grandma? The Wisdom of Mothers and Grandmothers

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