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More On Forgiveness and Guideposts – Weekly Bible Scriptures

    Early this week, I needed to step back and take a long look at what I was feeling during (what felt like to me), a small family crises. I did not like what was happening and how I was handling my feelings! 🙁 I needed to look up some Bible scriptures on “forgiveness” […]

Weekly Scriptures Arguing and Fighting – Forgiveness

      Good afternoon, 🙂   Hey we all argue once in awhile, and some of us call it fighting. It’s nature to not agree on everything. We are all made unique with our own opinions and feelings. That is what makes us all interesting. If we were all the same with the same […]

Bible Scriptures For The Week – Forgiveness

      We are not born with a forgiving spirit, are we? Of course not! None of us are. However, through prayer and reading God’s word, we can forgive AND be forgiven. 😉   I personally know people that hold grudges to the bitter end. Will they be forgiven? That’s between them and God […]

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