Crazy Grandma!

Yesterday being Easter, my husband and I spent it with our two grandchildren Caleb and Bailey. They are now 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 and quite something I must say.

Well here in Florida we were fortunate to have beautiful weather for Easter, it was even warm enough for the kids to use there kiddie pool.

Well we had a great Easter egg hunt for the two kids, they just loved it, and had a wonderful time filling up their baskets with eggs and of course the best treat they were filled with M & M’s, their favorite!

Well after the hunt was over they mixed the few chocolate goodies that were in the baskets left from the Easter bunny and mixed it with the M & M’s, well remember it was warm outside, well the candy is now melting of course, so the good Grandma I am, I took the baskets inside and slipped them into the refrigerator so they would harden up, seemed like a good idea right?

Well not so much to a 3 1/2 year old, he followed me to the refrigerator later in the afternoon for something to drink and see’s the baskets the next thing I hear “Hey who put my basket in the refrigerator”? So my husband explains to him why I put them in the fridge, he looks at my husband and then at me shakes his head and says “Crazy Grandma”  and runs off to play. I have to say the room roared with laughter from all of us.

Well I love being a “Crazy Grandma” its the best job in the world!