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Introducing Learning Fun With Felt, Comes In Their Own Storage Bag!

Ages 3 +

Best known for their Through the Bible Felt Sets

I was thrilled to open my email to find a special invitation. This time it was Betty Lukens from Bettylukens.com/. She was so very gracious to contact me for a review and send me 2 different felt boards from her Learning Fun with Felt line. I chose the Fun On The Farm and Basic Learning: Colors, Shapes and Numbers. However, there are many more to choose from!

Let me tell you, the photos from her website does not do the products justice! The vivid colors of the felt board and various felt pieces are absolutely brilliant. Each set has a generous magnitude of felt pieces.

These felt boards would most definitely keep a child entertained for hours. And the most important attribute of these excellent Fun With Felt Boards is they are so educational!

The Colors, Shapes and Numbers board is excellent for learning the various shapes such as; oval, square, circle, and the triangle. Also with this board, learning numbers and colors would be a breeze…all while having fun and quality time with your children.

Excellent for homeschooling, busy moms and teachers. 🙂

And the Fun On The Farm board is great for teaching the fundamentals of farming and also learning the various names of animals. My grandson (when he reaches 3 years of age) will definitely like this board the most. He is 15 months old and he just loves to ride on the mower and tractor with Daddy. I can’t wait until next Christmas! He will have so much fun with these Felt Boards. 🙂

Any of these educational line of products would be awesome Christmas gifts for all the special little ones on your list this year! Do your holiday shopping online today at Bettylukens.com/

Even I had so much fun playing with them, all the while smiling to myself…and I’m 50! lol 🙂

As stated on their website…“Our felts are durable and washable so that they can be enjoyed for many years to come. All our products are manufactured right here in the US of the highest quality 100% polyester felt.”

Betty Lukens, Inc Has Been In Business For Over 30 YearsQuite Impressive!

Visit Bettylukens.com/ today!

Thank you so much Betty for giving me the opportunity for doing a review for your wonderful products! 🙂

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Jigzone Puzzles: A great site for kids of all ages

I love it when my grandson shares his knowledge with me. It tickles me when he knows something that I don’t. That’s exactly what happened last week when my grandson asked if he could play games on the computer. He’s only five. In the past, playing games meant playing Transformer games or playing games we knew on the PBS Web site. This time it was different.

The game that Patrick wanted to play was putting puzzles together. He has been putting puzzles together in the computer lab at school. He even knew the address for the site he wanted. It’s located at http://www.jigzonepuzzles.com/. It’s a great site. It provides puzzles for kids of all ages.

Both kids and adults can choose the puzzle they want to work on from an assortment of different themes. They can decide how many pieces they want to work with, and they can even choose the shapes of the puzzle pieces.

Patrick has been putting puzzles together and keeping track of the amount of time it takes him to complete his task. He loves the feeling of accomplishment. I like the fact that this site is educational. I also like the fact that I don’t have to monitor what he is looking at or visit the site before he logs in.

Who knows, you may have to visit the site when the kids aren’t home just so you won’t have to fight them for a turn. Take a minute to visit the site for yourself. If you do, I think you will be as impressed as I am.