5 Summer Motivators For Grandmas That Choose To Stay Fit and Active

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My big fear with being a grandma is that my grandkids will forget me someday. I’m currently a constant presence in their lives. However, we just never know when that privilege could be taken away. I’m still going strong today, but we just don’t know when our number is up in this life, do we? 😉

This grandmother is working out daily and doing her best to stay (active) with her grandchildren. When she says (active), she means ANY activity that her grandchildren may be doing. It doesn’t always have to be sport related or a (moving) activity.

10 Examples

* A Simple Game of Catch
* Running
* Board Games
* Word Games — Such as; I Spy With My Little Eye Game….a FAVORITE with the grandkids. <3
* Reading
* Walking
* Drawing
* 4 Wheeler Riding
* Spelling B
* Baking – My Sweet Granddaughter LOVES to Bake!

So, the mind needs to be just as active. — I think you get my drift… =)

I sometimes get a little lazy and choose to not workout on a particular day…or even do my work online. Yes! It happens sometimes. =( lol

So, let’s kick it into high gear…

The Following Motivators Help Keep Me On My Toes – (most times). lol

1) Include Variety In Working Out

I workout daily…however, there are lots of other things to do that would add a considerable amount of variety. This includes speed walking, aerobics, strength training, crunches, lunges, etc…

2) Remain Social

This includes doing things with friends and family, and (for me), staying active with my YouTube content creating, and on social networks.

3) Keep The Brain Active

There are so many things we can do to keep our brain (and body) ACTIVE!!!
You can find quite a few of my ideas on doing just that below…

Good Tips On Keeping Your Brain Alive and Active At Any Age

4) Keep a Good Schedule With Household Chores

Now, just like ANYONE; I get unmotivated and kind of (not in the mood) for cleaning from time to time. But, for the most part, I usually keep my chores done up by tackling them BEFORE heading to my computer.

However, I need just a little bit of discipline (sometimes) in keeping my house good and clean. We all do sometimes, right?! YES, we do! =)

5) Eat Right

Consuming a proper diet is key to many, many things with remaining healthy; both physical and emotional/spiritual. There is actually a good article to read that shares some nice tips on this…as well as other topics. Stress is one of those. <3

Be Good to Your Spirit, Mind and Body During Stress – One Dozen Tips Plus

You may also find the article below interesting to go along with this topic.

Outdoor Summer Time Fun With Grandkids and Work Outs For Grandma

Happy Grandparenting and Stay Fit and Active Whatever You Do With Your Grandchildren! <3 <3

Review and Giveaway – Win Prima Princessa – “The Nutcracker” Free DVD 2009



You know, I’ve honestly never watched The Nutcracker! So I was a tad bit excited to watch the DVD when I received it. =)





I was thrilled to get a chance at doing a review for this delightful and entertaining presentation of The Prima Princessa – The Nutcracker (2009)


I was literally glued to the television set as I watched this phenomenal and educational ballerina live performance. The holiday colors came alive on the screen and the dancers were nothing short of excellent. What an extraordinary presentation this was!



If you have a daughter or granddaughter that has a dream of being a ballerina, then she will definitely enjoy this DVD The Nutcracker. This captivating presentation is a Christmas story with live dancers that is broken up into sections that teaches the various ballet dance steps. The steps are performed by the Birmingham Royal Ballet.

The video is approximately one hour long and the narration of the story line is exquisite. The educational part features small breaks that goes over and shows the actual ballet steps TWICE! It’s a fun, animated and charming presentation that any inspired little girl would thoroughly enjoy!


I also enjoyed the “Extra Features” of the DVD. 🙂


The Holiday Party Baking


Holiday Freeze Dancing


Holiday Crafts – Shows how to make a paper snowflake, a paper chain and decorated fan, all with simple construction paper.

This DVD is an awesome Christmas gift idea! And one that will thrill ANY little girl’s heart.


Parents’ Choice Award
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Zumba Gold for Ages 50 and Older and Grandmothers Too – Guest Post

Anyone who wants to dance with the stars but doesn’t have a partner doesn’t need to give up on the dream. Instead, sign up for a Zumba Gold class.

Zumba Gold, a version of the hot Latin-inspired dance-fitness craze modified for those older than age 50, takes advantage of the sustained movement of salsa, samba and cumbia. This exercise also relies on the moves of belly dance, flamenco and cha cha.

The aerobic exercise produced by those who participate in Zumba Gold likely is a good step toward controlling heart disease or its onset. Heart disease is the nation’s No. 1 killer.

A regular fitness regimen, such as Zumba Gold, also helps control high blood pressure, diabetes and the formation of blood clots, which also can be factors present in heart disease.

Joining a Zumba Gold class also affords a senior the chance to get out and be social. As men and women age, it’s easy to become more sedentary and as a result, more lonely. Getting out and being active is not only good for the heart, but good for a healthy disposition.

Zumba Fitness, considered the world’s most successful dance-fitness program with more than 10 million participants worldwide, started in 2001 in Cali, Columbia when fitness instructor Alberto Perez forgot his usual aerobics music. Improvising, he developed a new dance-fitness style, that can be specially tailored for audiences from children to seniors.

Some consider Zumba Gold “exercise in disguise” because of its highly social element and the feeling of attending a dance party. Many people report they slip into the energy and the rhythm of it so effortlessly, they forget the time.

Zumba Gold takes the dance rhythms at a slower pace, at a lesser intensity and with easier choreography to accommodate the varied physical abilities of beginners and seniors. Depending on the intensity, an hour of Zumba Gold can burn between 500 and 1,000 calories.

Unlike many other forms of exercise, Zumba Gold does not require special clothing or equipment. All participants need is comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and aerobic or court shoes.

Some places that have offered Zumba Gold classes include the YMCA. Depending on who is offering the classes, they can be paid individually or by multi-class sessions.

Danielle is an advocate of Zumba and their affiliate programs, such as Zumba Gold, ever since experiencing positive impacts on her own health through participation in a local Zumba class. Read about her focus on health and active living at eatbreatheblog.com