Beautiful Fall Colored Leaves, Hoodies, And a Sleep In Sunday


This grandma is looking forward to Halloween with her grandkids! Here it is October 24th. Where has this year gone to!!

Sis and I slept in until 10:20 AM (yesterday – Sunday) guess we needed the sleep! Lol




There hasn’t been frost on the pumpkins yet, however, it’s coming. This has been an exceptional year weather wise. lol I’m wondering how mild our winter is going to be?


I’ve been staying with my sister while she recovers from a surgery. I love ️ making a difference in someone’s life. It does my heart good.


I’ve become a (decaf) coffee drinker again…at least until my urologist tells me otherwise. I LOVE coffee ️!!! And gotta love Denny’s!


I drink (2) bottles of water (before) drinking the coffee, and also, afterwards. I also make my coffee weak and put quite a bit of creamer in it. So far, my bladder hasn’t been affected.


I’m enjoying the color change of the leaves and the (gradual) crisp breeze in the weather! I simply love the autumn season!

My weight loss challenge…well, let’s just say, I’ve taken a hiatus from this challenge. Both eating healthy and working out.

That’s going to change very soon!!!

I don’t remember the last time I had makeup on…probably the last Avon video I made. It’s been awhile.

At least, I’m making an attempt at keeping busy blog posting.

Happy Autumn and Halloween !


Be safe this Halloween!


Grandma’s Coffee




I have always loved the aroma and taste of coffee. I’ve always liked it just creamer and no sweetener.



However, I could never drink it because it would always bring on a bladder infection. 🙁

This year, I’ve been drinking tons of water every day to aid with weight loss. And of course, I’ve had a healthy bladder as a result too. So, a few weeks ago, I tried drinking coffee again. Hmmm…so far so good, no infection. I always drink water along with my breakfast and coffee in the mornings, and more water throughout the day.

I’ve been drinking it black, just like above…no creamer and no sweetener.


Until Yesterday…


I went to the grocery store yesterday and needed to grab some coffee. I saw all the creamers and thought, hmm..I’ll try a couple of the flavored creamers. I tossed both the Caramel Macchiato and the Pumpkin Pie Spice in the cart.



HAVE NOT TRIED THE PUMPKIN PIE SPICE YET…I’m sure it will be awesome because I love pumpkin pie! lol



And of course the obvious bonus that goes along with drinking coffee…caffeine! It keeps me focused and more alert during the day.











So now, Grandma loves her coffee!! 🙂