Should You Clean or Declutter Your Grandchildren’s Rooms?

Deep Cleaning Cleaning and decluttering is all fine and good, however, when it comes to your grandkid’s things, you need to be aware of any boundaries set.

Boundaries set by your kids needs to be followed and respected.

For some grandparents…that may be a big issue

Some grandparents have a (natural) habit of cleaning and decluttering. Could it be that most grandmothers have this trait in their character? There are many Grandmas that have this natural need to clean and organize; even in their children’s rooms.

However, this could easily turn into a heated debate fast and furious!


Some people have a huge issue with their parents who just straighten up, or perhaps, take out the trash. I say, that’s going a tad bit too far in my book. However, there again; there are boundaries. 😉

This could be a major disaster if you have two children sharing a room…especially if the older child is up in their teen years. It’s natural for (some teenagers) to have a certain feeling and obsession about “their stuff,” and to be quite vocal about it!

So…what does this mean for grandparents that have an over-powering urge to clean and tidy up?

Below are (6) things to consider for grandparents that have an oever bearing need to clean, tidy up, or declutter.


Know and respect boundaries


Keep the lines of communication open at all times with your kids


Always listen to what your grandkids have to say; regardless


Always clean up (after yourself) with any messes made in the house (by you). There are those that don’t bother 🙁


Try to encourage your grandkids to clean up after themselves; especially in their own bedrooms. Your kids will begin to notice the tidyness 🙂


If you’re an old fashioned grandma, always refrain from your need to organize, pick up scattered clothes, and even doing laundry


According to your kids, you are there for one purpose. That is to love, nurture, and take care of everything that pertains to your grandkids; period!

I know that’s blunt, however, things have changed since back in the day when (most things) were accepted and grandparents had a say in how their grandkids should be raised and taught.

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Tips For Cleaning Kitchen Cupboards

It is a good idea to clean out the kitchen cupboards after you’ve moved into a place (or right before you move out) and before putting the dishes in. This way you can be sure that you’re not inheriting any of the previous owner’s old and forgotten belongings or any dust and dirt. Even if you’ve lived in a place for quite a long time, a periodical cupboard cleanout never hurt anyone.

Do the clean one cupboard at a time. Open each one, finish everything you have to do with it, and then open the next one. Do not try to take everything out at once and clean all of the cupboards in a single go as this will make everything unnecessarily complicated. When you’re dealing with each cupboard, take everything out of it. Then, wash each cup, dish, pan, utensil and leave everything to dry on a towel on the kitchen counter or table.



While all of the dishes are drying, take care of the cupboards themselves. Usually, a simple wipe down with a damp cloth will do. Occasionally, though you may find mold, mildew or spider webs in your cupboards. This isn’t a testament to your house-keeping skills, these things do tend to happen in old homes and even new ones if there is too much moisture.

If you do find a spider web or two, grab the vacuum cleaner and simply vacuum out the offender, then proceed as normal.

If there is, indeed a problem with mold or mildew, you will need to get a mold killer. These products are sold in most supermarkets and hardware stores. You will need to spray the patch of mold and wait for a few hours (or however long the instructions on the bottle say) then wipe away the mold and clean the cupboard as usual. Be aware that if you use a mold and mildew remover, you should not put back the dishes or utensils immediately. You will have to leave the cupboard open and let it air out overnight, or until the chloride smell disappears. Afterwards, you can proceed as normal.

If, by any chance, your cupboards have glass doors, you can usually use a good all-purpose cleaner and a micro fiber cloth to wipe off any dust or stains from these. If there are any grease stains, you may need to use a more concentrated dose of all-purpose cleaner. There are also specific detergents on the market, which are designed to deal with grease stains. These can, however, be toxic and are therefore not a good alternative.

Something else you could throw at the problem is a bit of simple dishwashing liquid. Simply get a sponge, lather it up and rub at the grease stain. Since dishwashing liquid is designed to deal with exactly this kind of substance, it should work like a charm. Afterwards, simply clean off the foam with a damp cloth and let the cupboard dry and air off with the doors open.

Once you’re finished with the cleaning routine, simply put back the dishes or utensils and repeat for all of the remaining cupboards. Do not put back any items that are still wet, as this can be the cause of mildew or mold. This is a fairly simple cleaning routine. All that is needed is no more than two spare hours a fortnight and your kitchen cupboards will be left clean and spotless.

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Organizing the Laundry Room – Guest Post


Is your laundry room notoriously the messiest room in your home? You aren’t alone in this! Keeping the laundry room clean may be the most daunting task in cleaning your house, because it seems like there are always dirty clothes piling up, no matter how often you do your laundry. Thankfully, there are crafty people in the world that have shared with us how to clean up the laundry room while still making it look like part of your home, instead of like a storage closet.

On Ana White’s homemaking blog, she shares a great idea for a laundry basket dresser. It’s a pretty simple idea, but it’s borderline genius. The laundry baskets act as drawers in a dresser. You can label them however you like for easy sorting. You can even stack them if floor space in your laundry room is at a premium. The blog comes with full-fledged directions for building this dresser, and they’re very easy to follow. Using simple woodworking tools and wood you can get pre-cut from most stores that sell lumber, it was a fun and simple build that worked out very well for my laundry room!

It’s understandable if you’ve never worked with woodworking tools, and the thought of doing so for the first time is a little daunting. There are still other great ways to keep your laundry room organized. Have you ever seen those great antique-looking (or maybe actually antique) wooden crates? They were formerly used as shipping containers.

Now, you can find them in many great antique malls, or even online. Consider stacking these on their sides against the wall. Secure them together some way, even if it’s just by tacking them together with small nails. They can then be filled with smaller-than-ordinary laundry baskets, plus you can save a couple for storing your laundry detergents and fabric softeners.

Are you into sewing? Maybe you’ve seen these neat wall-hanging sewing organizers with pouches to help you separate your sewing tools. Think of one of these on a larger scale! Using sturdy fabric, you can sew on even larger pouches, creatively label or embroider the front of the pouches for easy sorting, and hang it up on the wall. Just make sure you really secure those pouches!

Get creative! There are lots of great, crafty ways you can clean up your laundry room and get those piles of clothes off the floor. Think of creative ways you store things around the rest of your house, and do it on a larger scale.


You can reclaim your laundry room in no time!


Danielle, who blogs on behalf of Sears and other prestigious brands, enjoyed finally putting her woodworking tools to good use with this project. Next, she plans to learn to build custom kitchen chairs! Read her work at



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Grandma Needs To Declutter!

This is a live pic of my work desk this morning 10-10-11! Yes, I need to take a shovel to my desk and reorganize. This will be on my schedule either (should be today)! or tomorrow. LOL 😮

1 Excuse…honestly I had my grandson all day Saturday and Saturday night and all I got was 30 min sleep. I spent my Sunday resting. And really honestly, no excuse at all! 😉

It’s of course overwhelming me!!! How can I get anything done? lolololol!

I will take a new pic on Wednesday and see if there is an improvement??

I edited the post and made it “before” and “after” 😉