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ibeleiveinangels This grandmother loves the Greater Good program and the many stores that fund and keep the GG foundation running. Perhaps you have a grandmother, mother, father, child, aunt or any family member that is currently fighting this ugly desease, I diligently pray for you!

The breast cancer foundation, and especially their websites are very dear to my heart. My mom lost her battle with breast cancer back in 2006. Those dark days (still) flash through my mind. Love YOU Mom to the moon and back; and back again! <3 You were ONE in a MILLION lady, mom, and friend.

Directly From The Website…

Pink Ribbon store directs the charity royalty from each purchase to, which provides direct grants to select clinics and organizations that give free mammograms to women in need.

I so wished she could have met all her great grandchildren!

I was browsing the Pink Ribbon Store and indeed liked what I saw. I would like to have a few of those products myself. =)

Below are (8) Products Listed On The Pink Ribbon Site

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pinkribbonglassornament classicpinkribbon butterflies crystalpinkribbon AND Pink Ribbon Organizations are Absolutely Dear To My Heart

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Breast Oasis – Plastic Surgery – Program Ends On November 2nd

This post is genuinely dear to my heart. As many of my readers are aware that my mother passed from breast cancer.

This is October and of course, it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 🙂

I wanted to do a special post specifically about The Breast Oasis program. This program is known for their donation of new and gently used bras for women in need. Actually, they are donated by the plastic surgeons themselves and communities. I happen to think this is quite generous on their part!

Each donated bra comes with a self-breast exam card…how cool is that! These free cards help encourage women to schedule yearly mammograms and also do self exams.

This program is introduced by Breast Oasis and About Plastic

Surgeons Give Support will run through Breast Cancer Awareness month and end Friday, November 2nd.

Won’t you please help spread the word about Surgeons Give Support program?!


Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Products – For All Moms and Grandmothers



October – A month to show your support for all who have lost their lives to breast cancer and also those who have survived.


The various beautiful items for sale are ideal for fund raising, Breast Cancer walks, and all charitable events.


Donate and promote awareness! 🙂

Breast Cancer Products Sale
Click To Give Free Mammograms!

October Is Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness Month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is celebrating 25 years of awareness, education and empowerment.

Fund Mammograms For Women In Need ~~ They Need Your Click!

The Breast Cancer Site


Yesterday I went to Walmart and was greeted and given this pretty piece of paper with the Domestic Violence logo and ribbon on it. 😉

It just reminded me of how fortunate I am and also very thankful I have a gentle, loving, and caring husband that loves and supports me 100% !! 🙂

So Comforting!!!

However, not all women are as fortunate…

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, one in four women will be the victim of domestic violence at some point in her lifetime.

All Clicks Are Doubled This Month! Breast Cancer Awareness

Dear To My Heart

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

Below is a brief story of my mom and how breast cancer took her life.

My mother passed in 2006 from breast cancer. She braved surgery to remove the cancer (along with her breast), and we all thought that was the end of it. With luck on our side (and Mom’s), we sure thought she was cancer free.

Well, little did we know that the cancer remained dormant for an entire six years before showing it’s ugly face (this time) in the liver.

We took Mom to the emergency room with severe abdominal pain. The pain had to have been really bad for Mom to #1 cry, and #2 succumb to going to the emergency room. Our mom was NOT one to complain. She never did want to be a bother to us or anyone else. My mom was literally the strongest person I’ve ever known.

The cancer became evident while doing an Xray in the early morning hours after arriving at the hospital. That’s how Mom’s oncologist was able to (get ahead) with treatment and then go on to challenging himself to spare her life.

Well…it DID spare her life for 2 1/2 years. To me, that’s amazing in itself giving the fact that the tumors were thriving in the liver.

Mom never experienced pain like that again since that emergency room visit. Her oncologist stated “There was a guardian angel that sent her to the hospital, even if it was just to give her more time.” 😉

After the 2 1/2 years of consistent treatment, Mom developed some horrible side effects from the type of chemo she was tolerating. Congestive heart failure set in and she ended up in the hospital 3 times to have a massive amount of fluid drawn from her lungs.

Our family (along with Mom herself) agreed there was no quality of life left to go on with more treatments. Alas, she passed 8 months after the crucial decision.

And to this day, I still wonder what would have been if we agreed to go for more treatments. I guess some sort of guilt still haunts me. However, the comforting thoughts of Mom no longer suffering and peace gets me through.


Find out the latest news on breast cancer at The Breast Cancer Site

There are walk events to support the cause and get that much closer to finding a cure!

Read the heart-felt Stories Of Hope, or send an ecard to remind friends to click and share!

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