Beyond the Biebs: Birthday Presents for Your Granddaughter


When it’s time to buy a birthday gift for your beloved granddaughter, you want something special that reminds her of you each time she looks at it. But when that granddaughter’s young, she probably has a wide range of interests—everything from Justin Bieber to science experiments. This means you have a huge range of potential gifts to choose from.

But it’s also important to be practical. Most gifts given at the age of five or six aren’t going to be around when she’s an adult. Blending practicality with your desire to make her smile isn’t always an easy trick to pull off. To that end, consider the following list of gift ideas to delight your favorite little girl on her big day.

Custom Photo Book

Not every grandmother has time to craft a handmade scrapbook, but these days it’s easy to create a personalized photo book online with just a few clicks of your computer’s mouse. She’ll love being the star of her own hardbound book, and you can include lines from a story you two love reading together or some of your favorite sayings.


Most little girls love jewelry because it’s a great way to express their personalities. Whether your granddaughter is artsy, loves music or spends her time preparing for the zombie apocalypse, you can find a trendy charm necklace or pendant for her without breaking the bank. You could even get her a Justin-themed bracelet or ring to satisfy her inner Belieber. We know you want to spoil her, but save those real pearls for her sweet sixteenth!


Do you remember having a diary with a little lock on the side when you were young? There’s something so special about a private book to write in, even for girls still learning to write. Find a journal with a front cover that especially appeals to her, like one with kittens or soccer balls to give the item a personal touch.


A girl’s never too young for a set of luggage! Make her feel super special with a grown-up suitcase to take on sleepovers. You can often find suitcase/sleeping bag combinations in an array of styles at major discount stores. A rolling suitcase is most practical, especially if she gets to travel with you or her parents on occasion.

Sports Gear

If your granddaughter’s a budding athlete, find out what kind of sports equipment she needs to play her best. For a soccer player, a new pair of cleats or a shiny new soccer ball fits the bill; the softball player will appreciate a new glove or even a batting tee to help her practice her swing. If you really want to thrill her, slip a pair of tickets for her favorite team into a pair of athletic socks.

Dolls and stuffed animals are still wildly popular with most girls, but so are video games, books and science kits. No doubt your granddaughter would be happy with a wide variety of gifts—Justin Bieber-themed or otherwise. You can hardly go wrong, Grandma. All you need to do is think about the things she likes to do when the two of you are together and you’ll know exactly the right gift to give.

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Craft a Great Birthday Party with Your Grandchild


Finding fun activities to occupy the guests at your grandchild’s birthday party can be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to keep them away from the TV, computer, and video games for the day. Try pinning them down with these great art and craft activities, and create a memory and a souvenir both of you will treasure for years to come.

Create a mural:

Whether you’re painting a wall or a large sheet of paper, a mural is a great activity for kids and adults. It offers everyone the opportunity to be creative either together or on their own, and when it has had a chance to dry you’ll be left with a beautiful reminder of this special day. Make sure that each of the artists signs their work!

Take pictures and make frames:

Handmade picture frames are a classic craft activity for kids, but having a picture from that day to keep in mind when decorating will add a layer of fun and creativity to the project. There was a time that this would have required a Polaroid, but with a digital camera it should be easy to let each child take a picture with the birthday boy or girl, or in a group. Print each of their pictures and let them each make their own frames out of cardboard, matt board, or craft sticks and decorate it just as they think it should be.

Make durable, colorful bubbles:

Bubbles can be lots of fun, especially for younger kids. Giant, durable bubbles make the fun bigger too. Mix a big bowl with 6 parts water and 2 parts dish soap. Divide the liquid into smaller containers and let the kids add food dye to change the colors of the bubbles. Then add 1 part light corn syrup to make bubbles that can be blown to much bigger sizes than normal, and are much harder to pop. Try not to create any bubbles in the solution once the corn syrup is added.

Decorate school supplies:

Three ring binders, pencil cases, and pocket folders are excellent for ‘blank canvas.’ They can be decorated with markers, paints, glitter, or magazine cutouts. Personalizing their school supplies will offer each child the opportunity to express themselves, and you may even be able to help a few of them get organized in a fun and relaxed environment.

Make a treat and a recipe book:

Older children can be a little trickier to entertain. When finger paints and Popsicle sticks won’t really cut it anymore, try appealing to their appetites. Most grandmothers have at least one recipe that the whole family talks about, tries to replicate, and longs for when they’re away. In my family it was Granma’s super-thin, crispy sugar cookies. For my husband it was the homemade sourdough bread they had every morning.

Whatever your specialty is, spend the afternoon teaching your grandchild and their friends the tricks you use (no recipe should remain secret forever, after all), then help them put together recipe books. Find solid versions of their favorite meals, make sure everyone knows how to read and follow a recipe, and remember to leave lots of blank pages. An elderly neighbor made me one of these when I was in junior high school and I still use and treasure it.

About The Author:

Jenny Franklin is a mom, a party planner, and a freelance writer. She currently writes for PartyPail, who provide excellent supplies for girls’ birthday parties.

Spiecal Gift For My GrandKid’s

Today I wanted to share a great birthday gift idea my husband and I had for our Grandkid’s Caleb and Bailey. I love to paint and love to give painted gifts and with being a Grandparent I have become very nostalgic and love to give my children and grandchild gifts that will become heirlooms to always remember us by. For Caleb’s 2nd birthday and Bailey’s 1st birthday the big decision had to be made, what would be a great gift for my little darlings.

I knew the gift would have to be painted, because that’s what I love to do and it had to be wooden because that’s what Pop Pop does (Caleb and Bailey call there Grandpa Pop Pop), my husband is a cabinet maker. I decided that I wanted to paint each of them a wooden chair that they would be able to use everyday, for reading, sitting and coloring or watching TV. I had a pattern for a wooden chair that I paint already but it is converted to hold a flower pot. I spoke to my husband to see what he thought and being a cabinet maker he immediately said the back was to straight and would not be a comfortable, so we went to the choice of Adirondack chairs for them, they would not only be comfortable, but the kids would grow into them and use them for several years. So my husband went to work on constructing the chairs for the kids and then I painted them. Baileys of course had to be girly girl so I went with a butterfly theme and Caleb loves the outdoors so why not a fishing theme.

Well the chairs were a big hit with the kids and they still love to this day, even though sometimes they are used as time out chairs.