Spring and Summer Skin Care Tips and Suggestions




Skin care usually gets top priority throughout the winter months; as skin is always dry during the winter and it needs moisture. The best moisturizer for your skin in the winter time is white petroleum jelly. Also medicated lotion with aloe is good for dry skin.

For spring and summer months, and for most people; the skin gets oily and then tends to break out. I have noticed this with mine. My skin is basically oily to begin with, so the spring and summer months makes it worse.

For oily skin, you can benefit from cleansing and cream masks and scrubs that are meant to stay on the skin until it completely dries, then you rinse it off and follow up with a moisturizer and make up. If you have oily skin, then you will need an oil free moisturizer and also oil free makeup.

Scrubs that contain fruit acids (natural is best) is excellent for acne-prone skin. For example; strawberry and melon scrubs would be ideal if you suffer from oily or acne-prone skin. These scrubs are great for both spring and summer.

The best time to use a scrub is before going to bed. Exfoliating  scrubs washes away all make up and oily impurities. It's best to use scrubs no more than three times per week. If you use it daily, they tend to dry your skin and then causes it to be too harsh. You can find homemade masks and scrubs online by doing a simple Google search.

One lasts thing to remember about your skin in summer months is "sunscreen." Always apply it liberally on all exposed areas of the skin, and this of course includes your face. Also a tanning bed dries out your skin a lot more than you may think. So, it's your decision if you want tanned skin or patchy, dry, irritated, skin.

What Some People Are Saying About Tanning Beds:

Some people with severe eczema claims that the tanning bed did wonders for them.


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A Spa Day For Grandmothers






If you’re a grandmother you know how busy you can be spending time with your grandchildren, working a job or business, and keeping up on your housework. Some days it may seem never ending. There is always so much to do and sometimes it may seem like there is never enough time in the day to get it all done.



No matter how busy you are, you need to schedule “me time” so you have time to relax and unwind. One way to do that is to plan a spa day for yourself. It would be extra fun to plan a spa day with other Grandmothers along. It’s nice to do this by yourself, however, you’ll have a better time if you bring a few others along. After your spa day, plan to go to dinner or lunch. Just coffee and a special dessert would also give you a chance to chat about whatever.



When you decide you’re going to plan a spa day it’s important to find the perfect one. You need to find a place that offers everything you want and you need to make sure you’ll feel comfortable while you’re there for the day. The best way to find the right one is to read spa reviews. Most of these have websites, but if they don’t call and ask if they have brochures or other documents that have reviews.



You use your hands all the time no matter what you do. Whether you use them while you work or while you play with your grandchildren, they’re valuable to your everyday needs. Your nails are visible by all and it’s important they look healthy at all time. Nail care is important because you use your hands all the time so it’s a big deal that they feel good and are in good shape. One of the nicest things you can have done during your spa day is to have a manicure.



Depending on the spa you go to, they may do different things, but most times they’re done the same way. The technician will massage your arms and hands, she’ll put oil and lotion on your hands, and then she’ll clip, file, and paint your nails. Your hands and arms will feel great when your manicure is complete.



During the summer sandals are warn or no shoes at all, so it’s important to have your feet look their best at all times as well. One of the best ways to do that is to have a pedicure done. Most places use a foot tub so you’ll get a massage from your knees to your toes and you will melt as the technicians do their thing. You’ll have your toenails cut and filed and paint applied and you’ll have the best looking Grandmother toes in the world. lol



One last thing you must do during your spa day is to have a massage done. There are several types to consider and several amounts of time, so you’ll need to consider all of those things. Having a massage is a wonderful way to relax and have tense and sore muscles revived. You’ll have more energy and you’ll feel like a brand new woman afterwards.



It’s important to remember, just because you’re a grandmother doesn’t mean you can’t be busy and have a lot to do. You take care of your children and grandchildren along with your job or business and your home. Don’t let those things stress you out and keep you tense. Take the time to plan a spa day for yourself. You’ll find when you do you’ll feel revived and you’ll feel so much better about yourself.


Relax and enjoy your day, you deserve it! 🙂



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Tips to Help Grandmothers Fight Age Spots and Experimenting With Principal Secret Skin Care


If you’re like me you may have thought age spots were from aging, but that’s not the case. From what I’ve researched, most age spots are from the sun. While the sun gives you Vitamin D and is needed for mental health, it can harm your skin in several ways. Too much sun can give you age spots or something worse, so it’s important to take care of your skin.







Reclaim – Principal Secret Skin Care Line



I’ve been using Reclaim for 3 months now and I have to say I love it. I was a little skeptical about using it, (just like all the rest of the skin care lines). I was watching the infomercial one afternoon and decided to go for it and I ordered it online. I thought to myself, I’ll use the Reclaim and if I don’t like it, I’ll use the Cindy Crawford skin care products. My Daughter-In-Law is using Cindy Crawford and she just loves it.



Here is what I’ve seen so far on my skin in using Reclaim for 3 months…



1. Better over-all skin complexion


2. Less red areas and more clarity


3. My skin is super soft


4. Less visibility of the fine lines around my eyes and mouth


5. More Smoothness to my skin – One product that I just love and leaves my face feeling the smoothest I’ve ever felt it ever is Age Breaker Wrinkle Retreat Refirming Mask. These are small capsules that you twist to open and squirt onto your hands, then apply it to the skin before moisturizing.




If you’re a grandmother and you’ve found you didn’t take care of your skin or maybe you’re a little younger and didn’t take care of it properly, you need to find a way to make it look and feel better.



Here are a few suggestions. The best way to prevent age spots is to protect your skin from the sun. The easiest way to do that is to stay inside as much as you can. If that’s not possible, you’ll want to wear clothing that covers your skin and a hat that covers your head. If that’s not possible, keep the time you spend in the sun down to a minimum and wear sun screen at all times.



If you’re already showing signs of age spots, there are several things you can do to make them lighter or you can get rid of them all together. One of the best ways is to use a cream specifically designed for age spots. These creams can be used as a daily moisturizer and they’ll renew your skin by lightening the dark aging spots. These creams contain Vitamin C and other ingredients that remove spots and help your skin to look healthy and feel great.



As a grandmother it’s important to have the best looking skin possible so you will always look your best. One way to do that is to use a skin bleaching process. This process will lighten your age spots, but you need to be careful because skin bleach contains Hydroquinone. The reason is because Hydroquinone is dangerous and may cause cancer. You need to read the ingredients and choose a product that doesn’t contain Hydroquinone. When you think of age spots you may only think of your face, but that’s not always the case.



You can have age spots on your hands as well. Your hands are exposed to the sun just like your face, so you need to be careful with them too. You may find hand creams are expensive, but they’re well worth it when they give you the results you’re looking for and your hands will look great. One of the best hand creams would be one that contains Shea Butter.



Just because you’re a grandmother doesn’t mean you can’t look your best at all times. When you use these tips to handle age spots you may have, you’ll look your best. These suggestions may help, but you should talk to your doctor or dermatologist before starting any treatment to make sure the plan you have will work for the condition you have whether it’s on your hands, arms, or face.



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Beauty Tips Your Mom and Grandmother Would Approve Of


Beauty tips passed on over the generations are the best kept secrets. The natural, less rigid methods will prove better and give longer lasting results with fewer side effects. And most importantly, they will receive the approving eye of your mother and grandmother too.

By: Susan Hutson




Beauty is an age old art, explored over the centuries in various manners to achieve perfection. Women have been interested in numerous ways of staying young and beautiful and enhancing their looks since time immemorial. If you look around you, your mom, grandmother, aunts and great-aunts, you will discover the various beauty rituals their generations have followed to enhance their physical appearance as well as inner beauty.


Beauty secrets that have been passed on over generations are the best kept secrets, as they assure healthier, better results than most modern, synthetic methods. Most important of all, they will receive instant approval by your mom and grandmother.



Here are a few tips that would help enhancing your beauty the natural way, with guaranteed positive feedback from your mom and grandmother!




Skincare – Use coconut oil to massage your body (preferable at night) to give it a shiny, soft contour. Enhance the massage with scented oils such as lavender or rosemary to add fragrance and extra softness



Scars – Use lemon peel to get rid of scars. Rub a lemon peel over the scar generously and repeat for a few days/weeks. You will be surprised at how fast the scar fades away



Blackheads – Add a bit of oatmeal and honey together and form a paste along with an egg white. Apply this on your blackheads by gently rubbing it over the affected skin and leave for 10-15 minutes. It will loosen your blackheads and make it easier to remove



Split Ends (Hair) – Beat an egg yolk and mix it with some honey and olive oil and massage on hair, wrap in a warm towel and leave for 30 minutes before rinsing

An alternative to shampoo – Use baking soda instead, it will absorb oil and loosen dry skin. It’s also a great remedy for dandruff



Softer Hands – Dip your hands in fresh milk for 5-10 minutes on a regular basis. Your hands will feel softer and will eventually lose all of the wrinkles and calluses from hard work



Eye Soother – Use a mix of cucumber and potato juice in chilled state. Dip it in cotton and place over your eyes and relax for 10-15 minutes. Wash off and apply some coconut or baby oil. It is a great eye soother as well as a stress reliever. Coconut oil also helps to get rid of dark circles over time



Lips – Lemon juice is a great remedy for dark lips. Use it on a regular basis and experience wonderful results



Try these home remedies yourself, improvise where needed and change where necessary to suit your skin tones/contour. You will be amazed at how effective some of these age old beauty secrets are. Talk to your mom, grandmother and relatives to learn more about the beauty regimes of their times, non-commercialized, health friendly methods that will make your beauty last longer and remain healthier the comfortable way. Opt for these natural therapies that have less side effects and assure longer lasting outcomes.



But most important of all, remember that beauty comes from within, so work on spiritual cleansing too. If you feel happy, content and maintain good health, your looks will definitely benefit. Inner cleansing is the best way to achieve glowing skin and a beautiful complexion. Practice good thoughts and become a glowing beauty yourself.



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